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Still working it… still believe in it….

The biggest struggle in life that I have found is finding someone to believe in you when you have hard things to do. Even if they are the right things (not always the right ways, but with the right intent).
I find that the world right now is really needing people that just believe and support. If you are one of those people that do… Believe! Breath! Find the Balance!
Most people currently have no beliefe in self. I was raised with full knowledge of the world around me…. full knowledge that people had something to teach… full knowledge that I had something to do….
The message though came accross with a lot of emotion and things my parents wanted me to overcome for them and I was one of the people in their lives that would listen. I am in no way shape or form taking away from my parents… we take what we have and try to make better.
I have since, through lots of tests, found that I believe in, want….. people to be as whole / balanced as they can be. I found mine once… for a moment. This site, these people were part of that. I didn’t realize it at the time, now getting it…. when you feel “happy”, hold on to the familiarity of it. And then start to fight for it. It is that worthwhile. All “potential loss”… Happy gives you the strength to continue to do what is your strength.
I have “lost” a lot of friends over the years. Over doing what I needed to do… not what I wanted to do, not what I always “felt” ish….. but something drove me. I was meant to be something…. even though I had lots of dought. I thought I was to be someone else than who I am now. Amazing….
I am currently faced with the “helping everyone feel better”, “losing all that I would want”, “feeling horrid that there is more loss”…. and yet, I am willing to give all that up. Because, in the first time in my life, I actually believe in me. I actually believe in my gift. I actually am with full knowledge knowing it will hurt, trust that I can help those I care about, and are “mine” get through it too and help them be stronger…. more whole.
I was so sad to see so little posts here… I always trusted it was here. God bless. Ask…. it will come. I always thought I was asking for me…. through all the struggles…. all the losses.. and that… I have come to find out, I fight for people… for kids especially. And I am now an adult (or right at it. LOL)
Keep asking, keep wanting, keep trying, keep being… we all make a diffence. And I want for all of you to find a place that you can “vocalize” or “show” or “be” just you… that is unjudgemental… Just you own “Private Idaho”. A place to just be… for a moment.

It’s been stated that I never do anything “small”…..

Hi y’all. Well, I have been gone for a little bit. After the last couple of blogs that I wrote on that “feeling of nothing” and time to make a change, well…. yeah, we did.

The day I wrote my last blog, my fiance’ (oh yeah, he asked!!! I said yes!!!) and I had a very emotional discussion on what was going on with our finances. Though we both took FULL responsibility for all the “potential problems” we came up with some great solutions. (Writing this now, it is nice to see that we are looking forward at potential problems and not at them as they blowup around us). So we opted to move out of his house, back to mine and make some other financial decisions (oh… and get engaged). :)

So we moved, repaired and got the house on the market in under two weeks, had it in contract in two days of being listed, participated in 2 Halloween parties, did trick-or-treating, took family pictures and started the process of unpacking a house that was now filled with 3 adults, a teen, three pre-schoolers, a new baby, two dogs and a puppy. Hee Hee…. at least life is all around, all the time.

So, I am now back at the home that I (looking back again) really took a break from while I figured out some other aspects about my life. I had “changed the sheets”, and it is now time to come back and repair, change and take back the aspects of my life that were good and needed attention.

Small…. Though I do value down time, time to watch a movie with the family and to watch a sunset, life around me, as stated by my fiance’, is never boring. And as one of my best friends mentioned, “You never do anything small.”

A special thank you to Michael for all the times you have been there to bounce my thoughts and “create”. Thank you to Rob for seeing the beauty of a life through all the chaos. And to Rebekah for the advice on “changing my sheets” and great advice that I couldn’t hear internally at the time!

Have a blessed day all!


Effortless Living

On my last blog (ABC’s Zeroing in on what you want) I wrote that I felt in a state of “nothing” and that I wanted to learn how to create for me. Though proud of the balance and happiness around me. Well, then through “Women at Heart” I read a blurb by Ingrid Bacci on “Effortlest Living”.

I read through her blurb and website and found this:


Are you seeking self-empowerment? Did you know that being self-empowered is identical with feeling more effortless, more in a state of ‘flow?’ Are you aware that being in ‘flow’ or in ‘the zone’ can be taught? Would you like to learn this art and become truly self-empowered? Ingrid Bacci’s goal is to show you how to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress from your life, so as to live more effortlessly, productively and with a deeper sense of fulfillment and self-empowerment.

After reading a little further, I found I was exactly where I wanted to be and just needed a little time to get comfortable with this new “feeling or sense”. That the feeling of “nothing” was actually the most powerful place of creation I could be in. I was in the “zone”.

With that, I am really looking forward to what I can do now with this knowledge. Still need to get the feet moving again. :)

Have a blessed day.


ABC’s – Zero in on your target and go for it

ABC’s – Zero in on your target and go for it.

I have to say this is one of my toughest ones. I have found that I had gotten really good on doing this for others (family, friends, work). And though I had received a lot of “riches” in my life, the “reason” I had for them was so others were taken care of and better off. When the majority of my stress was managed, I had switched my life around and what now “centered”, there was an odd sense of “nothing”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy. I have a loving partner, great business partners, kids are striving, getting along well with the ex, family relationships going well, dog is doing great…. yet, there is still the odd sense of “nothing”. I manage my health daily, my energy and stress levels, the balances of everything…. yet, hmmmm.

I can visualize and imagine what I want. Have all the tingles and excitement about it, then poof…. not there yet. What was contributing to this? What was I doing that would get me so close, yet so far from what I wanted? And now, I had people attached and a part of my dreams. My lack of being able to maintain (or lack of knowledge about doing for me) my wants was affecting others. This was very new to me. And though this was there in the past, what moved me before was anger about something or someone. I definitely did not want anger to be my motivator anymore.

So, no that I am “calm” and happy…. I am proceeding into the next stage of this years journey to with deliberate intent, dare to dream and follow through on the part of me. That I am worth it, deserve to be successful and am allowed to be prosperous.

Dare to dream. You will know you are close to zeroing in on your target when there are chills down your spine and through your body. An uncontrollable smile across your face and sparkles in your eyes. My next stage and what I am working on now is the going for it for the reason of I just want to. :)

Have a blessed day.

ABC’s – You are unique of all God’s creations. Nothing can replace you

ABC’s – You are unique of all God’s creations. Nothing can replace you.

I am sure that we all bounce around this one in many ways. And the reason… yeah, we are all unique. ha ha ha.

The way to true freedom is to allow others to be themselves and to allow yourself to be you. All the parts of you that are unique. I had always believed that I was unique and that there was no one like me. I can’t say that I always believed that was a good thing at the time or that my uniqueness was of any value. So for a long time I strived for “normal”. But then, what is normal when everyone is unique? hhhmmm… And, how then could you reach perfection?

Since going through this past year and recognizing what is important to me, and allowing myself to be me, I really have found a new level of happiness and can say for the first time in my adult life, I am truly happy. I enjoy my kids more. I love my relationships with friends and family. I enjoy spending time by myself. And you know what….? A slew of songs on the radio now make more sense. I smile more and I “bounce back” from disappointments faster.

I am not “just” a mom, a daughter, a sister, an ex-wife, a partner….. I am all those roles and have those relationships, but I am bar none…. KIM. I am unique in my own right and deserve to as happy as anyone else. Oh, and, it is not my responsibility to ensure that the rest of the world is happy before I am allowed to be. (gotta tell you, that lifted a lot off my stress load)

You all have a blessed day!


ABC’s – Xcellerate your efforts

ABC’s – Xcellerate your efforts

Basically, if you want to excel your efforts, then clean up your “house”. By which I mean, “Mind, Body and Soul”. Reconnect these three as they all can get you where you want to be. And then, amazing speed, agility and miraculous things can happen.

This includes how you feel about all of your “relationships”: Getting to know your emotional guidance system

* With Self – spiritual, intellectual, physical.
* With People – I do this by role type: Parents / Bosses, Children / Employees, Friends / Colleagues, etc.
* With Things – Money, Property, Heirlooms

As you find out how you Feel about things as they “are”, Ask yourself these questions:

* What about this is important to me?
* Is it something I want to keep or remove?
* If I choose to keep it, were does it belong?

Then, fill your tool box: Now that you know what is important, is “how” you cared for that still working?

* Now that I know what is important to me, how do I feel about how I cared, got, did this before?
* Did I feel tired? Did I feel refreshed? How do I do it better for me?
* Do I have the answer for that or do I need new information?

I have found for me, I have a yearly cycle. My “year end” is May 13. My “Start of Year” is May 14. The week following is for transitioning closing down and opening up. And through this past “year” I now can hear my soul with clarity. And I now see that I have always done this and have put out what I will accomplish in the coming year.

May 2006 – I took stock in my marriage, my family, my children and my job. By May 2007, I had changed ALL of those situations. They were all closed and I was staged for something new. I had completed my education.

May 2007 – I took into consideration all that I had learned and now went for what I wanted. I have now found my soul partner, my children are accelerating and I have time for them. I have found my business partners and am starting that as well. My relationships with those closest to me are now solid and flourishing. This will be one amazing year in full creation.

My toolbox is full. I have the skill and know how. I can determine quickly if it is a want for me or others and determine it’s importance and priority in my life.

So understand your want, visualize it fully, listen to how you ask for your wants and then Xcellerate it by filling your tool box with exercises that help you do this with each decision you make.

Have a blessed time creating.


ABC’s – Want it more than anything

ABC’s – Want it more than anything

This goes right in line with the last two blogs – understanding yourself (and your wants), visualizations (taking the time to see and “build that big picture” of what the want is…. and then…. constructing the WANT statement and removing or getting the information you need in order to do it.

To clarify how to know that you want is “pure” the old saying stands, when you construct your want statement there should be “No ifs, ands or buts”. This is kind of an exercise of removing any road blocks or red tape. Staging the “environment” so it is conducive to the receiving of the want.

Now this is not to say that these words would not be applicable depending. Just be aware, if you do have one of the ifs, ands, or buts in your want statement, be aware that they will affect the outcome of the want.

Example –

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school, but if I don’t I can get a student loan.

Don’t or the word not, will always take the item away. The “lack of” is what you are attracting.
And, you just stated that “I can do it this other way”.
So really, you don’t “need” it or expect you will get it.

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school, if no one else needs it more because I can get by.

You selfless, generous person you. Of course someone else needs it more.

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school and I will by my mom a car.

You are generous and you have now promised to do more with it.
But now you are down a path that you now have to commit to what you
are going to do with all the money before the want is met.
Are you feeling a little guilty about winning?

* I want to win the Lottery for pay for school and I want to win today.

Good for you. How is that going to happen? Will it be mailed to you?
Will someone be buying that for you just on a whim? You still need to take action.

This is the strength statement:

* This is the winning ticket.

So you now have the winning ticket in your hand before the draw.
Do you really believe this? Or are any of those ifs, ands, or buts,
from above still in your head?

All the action has been completed (ticket was actually purchased before draw) :) (kind of import part there). The “ifs, ands, or buts” are removed and the want is pure.

Wow…. that was fun. Hee hee hee. I also have another blog started on how I got to this realization. This has been a great day.

Have a blessed day. And here is to all your wants.


ABC’s – Visualize it

ABC’s – Visualize it

You know, I struggled with this one through the years. My Sports Coaches would say it, my Professors would say it, my counselor, my boss…. but I still didn’t quite get to the “goal”. So I thought. :) I had, however, started an internal dialog that said “I don’t know how to do that”. I was also incorrect there.

Through the last few months I have found that I did know how to visualize and I was quite good at it. The truth was, though I didn’t reach the goal that my coaches, parents, teachers, bosses, etc had wanted (or visualized) for me, I had reached mine. I enjoy sports, but my want was not to be a sports star, my want was to study sports and understand how to “coach”. And, I was successful. I also enjoy learning, and though I didn’t “complete college” what I really wanted was to understand what was needed to transition from high school to college. And, I was successful. And I can do this for each of the places in my life that I had originally marked down as “unsuccessful” previously.

See, what I had found was though I didn’t not reach the end result that others would have wanted, I had reached the end result for me. I wanted knowledge on “how” things were done. This included and most importantly “parenting”. And I can now with full honesty to myself… I am successful. (I will safe more on that for a later blog.)

What ever means works for you, from what ever source that is safe for you… I recommend taking time to fully understand what “visualization” is. And how it works for you. This includes all the senses and emotions that come with it. When you do, you can dramatically effect change in your life and get to your wants with amazing precision and speed.

Have a most blessed day!