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Guilt – A Barrier to Dreams

I have just had a very powerful realisation I would like to share.  Just as a plant needs to be repotted once it has outgrown  its smaller pot I am needing to re-pot to bigger dwellings.  The challenge is that at this present time I don’t have the finances to make such a leap.  Having done all the affirmations, rituals and the like for abundance I am still plagued by ‘lack.’  I always have only Just Enough and so, despite never actually being in debt, I don’t have enough to move beyond.

Tonight I got to the bottom of why lack blocks my dreams coming true.  Earlier in the evening Carlo and I decided to pull some tarot to help us to understand our feelings better about moving.  My first card was Guilt.  It took a while to understand it but finally after some prompting from Carlo I understood why I manifest lack rather than abundance.

Because I have always felt guilty about the huge divisions of wealth between people.  In short I feel guilty to live in opulence when there are people all over the world living in extreme poverty.  I have always had a deep connection with the planet and others.  By the time I was nine I was raising money to help the feminine in Africa. I was born with it and hate to see the abuse and power we with money wield  over others who do not have it. However, by the time I was fourteen I had lost hope that this world was going to change and that is one of the reasons why I tried to commit suicide when I was fourteen (for more information about this experience go to book.

But now this guilt is no longer serving me because I can’t help without money so I have reached a divine paradox.  I need the very thing that I detest so that I can help the people who don’t have it to get it.

So in order to fulfil my intentions and dreams I have to let go of one of my deepest core beliefs that money is the root of all evil.  It is time to allow the abundance to flow in my life first to enable it to flow to others.

Oh wow!! It’s time to have some fun…..

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Chanukah – Festival of Lights

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah – the Festival of Lights.  At dusk every night for eight nights one more candle is lit and by the eighth night the menorah is alight with candles with an extra one the Shamash – the guardian candle raised above the rest.  The family gathers around the lighted menorah and sings Maoz Tzur which praises God for his salvation and remembers the times of persecution in Jewish History.

It is traditional to eat fried foods especially donuts throughout this festival, chocolate money is given to the children and a game is played with the Dreidal or Sevivon – this is a four sided spinning top with letters on each side that spell out Nesh Gadol Haya Shem – ‘A Great Miracle Happened There’ to remember the miracle of the oil.

In the Jewish religion this festival is all about miracles.  Chanukah tells the story of when the second Temple was destroyed by the Greeks and there was only enough olive oil to light the eternal flame for one night, but the Rabbis prayed for a miracle and the olive oil lasted eight days (enough time for more oil to be pressed and prepared).  Every year Jews all over the world light candles for eight days to remember the miraculous event.  By following this ritual we are reminded that miracles are happening at every moment. It also represents the miracles that help us through our trials and tribulations and give us hope for the future.

A lot of the time we are too attached to experiencing miracles that have huge impacts on our lives. This month become aware of the miracles that are happening in your life, however big or small.  So often we take things for granted and do not see the wonders that are all around us; a breathtaking sunset, dinner with friends, laughter and sharing, good food, a hug from a loved one.  These small miracles are what make the world magical. They enrich our lives and remind us of how good it is to be alive.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Half Moon in Gemini – Speaking without judgement

Hands up who said something in the last few days to someone that really hurt them…. I sheepishly put my hand up!!

I said something to someone close that really hurt them. More than hurt, they were deeply affected by my words, which created a huge storm in our relationship. Strangely enough the same person I had hurt had upset another close friend the night before and this had deeply affected them in turn.

What the three of us have learned from this experience is that when we speak our truth judgmentally we create disturbances in ourselves and others. When we speak words with compassion, the love is obvious and instead of hurting others we help them on their path.

This waning moon in Gemini is bringing all this stuff out into the open. We need to speak our truth but the way we deliver it is imperative during this moon. Feelings are running high and, as Christmas fever hits, it is important now more than ever to become aware of our actions and reactions.

Very often our minds play tricks on us and we start feeling anger and frustration towards those who are close to us or who we work with. Instead of reacting to them, which can create huge painful outbursts, we need to step back from the feelings and see why we they have arisen. When we become aware that everyone is reflecting and manifesting our greatest dreams and worst fears simultaneously we stop the blame game and start realising that its time to change ourselves.

Whatever disturbance is going on in your life now start seeing it as an opportunity to make changes in your own life. You have the power to change everything in your life. Walk away from that relationship that you feel is not honouring you, or hand in your notice at work if you are not feeling fulfilled. Trust that when you follow your heart and walk into the unknown without fear or regret magic happens.

We are not victims of circumstance, of life, or other people. We have brought every experience into our lives to show us how we think and feel. Once you change what is happening inside you, the external world will change accordingly.

Love and blessings and Happy December

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Full Moon in Gemini

Phewwee… what a journey this last couple of weeks has been. I feel as if I have been dancing in the chaos. All around me friends and family have been faced with dramas and confusion, as plans and dreams have been shattered and yet, new doors are opening all the time. We have had to face some of our deepest fears and really acknowledge that going with the flow is the only way to find peace.

Fortunately, the full moon in Gemini is more of a light, airy moon that will clear away some of the storm clouds that the Scorpio moon has bought up. We are all still in process which means that we still have to face our fears, but things will become easier and more manageable.

As we head into the festive season Gemini moon reminds us that we must take personal responsibility for our attitudes and behaviours. During this month be careful not to get too hung up on what others believe and say. Remain in your truth, without having to prove others wrong. There is enough room for everyone to have an opinion. This is a good time to show the humanitarian side of yourself. Act on the feeling if you feel drawn to help others less fortunate than yourself.

We have now gone through the chaos of the Scorpio new moon and time to celebrate the completion of the moon’s journey to fullness. Things are starting to come together and even though we are still in process there is more joy, laughter and peace. This is the time to really get out and share your joy and love with others. Surround yourself with those that see and know you on a deeper level than what is seen by the eye. Share a meal, stories and friendship and acknowledge the people around you, work colleagues, team mates and family.

It is a wonderful gift that this full moon lands on thanksgiving weekend. The American ritual of thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the end of the harvest and the abundance that we have in our lives. The sociable and friendly Gemini moon brings an opportunity to share and celebrate with others everything good that is in our lives. Rather than being caught up in the fear and dramas, it is time to recognise the sun shining on us and enjoy the magic and wonder of life.

The key word this month is ‘Receptivity’. Be receptive to everyone who is in your life, whether they have a negative or positive influence on you, as this moon is all about taking personal responsibility for what is happening to us. Find loving compassion for those who have angered or upset you. In their own world they have a right to feel how they feel, just as you have.

Be careful of mindless gossip and of what you say. Become more intimate, open and honest about who you are and what you are feeling. The key to connecting this moth is to listen and share. Be open to the subtle signs that are showing you the way, and your inner voice that you have been cultivating throughout the year. Things can only get better so settle down this month and enjoy this festive season.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Synchronistic Chaos Part 5 – Surfing the Wave

What an intense week it has been.  It seems that this new moon in Scorpio is providing us with the opportunity to really learn how to surf the wave of Synchronistic Chaos.  All around me and in my life too, friends and family are facing their darkest fears and greatest hopes at the same time.  I am finding that by not being attached to what is happening, I am able to see the magic moment to moment.

Everything is speeding up, including our awakening.  We can no longer pretend that the challenges we are facing in our lives are just going to go away.  This new moon in Scorpio puts us in a position where we have to face our fear – whether it’s manifested by other people who are causing chaos in our lives, or situations beyond our control.  It is showing us that we must take personal responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives because we are creating it.

Albert Einstein said you cannot change a situation at the same level it’s been created. It is the time to start seeing our lives from a different perspective.  I call it the fourth dimension or the quantum dimension. We have to accept that darkness and light co-exist simultaneously in our lives.  The sun is always shining when you see beyond the clouds

At the beginning of my spiritual search I believed that the state of enlightenment was all about reaching a place where there were no more challenges and problems and I could live a life of bliss.  Now I know that the state of ‘enlightenment’ is the pure acceptance of both the dark and light that is manifesting all the time, just like the waves crashing onto the shore.  As one wave disappears, another takes its place in a constant flow.  Life is like this.  As one dream dies another is realised.  The challenge comes when we try to hold on to the dream that is dying and do not focus on the new one that is being created.


Nowadays t is easier to see the flow, instant karma, as things are changing at every moment in rapid succession.  So during this period don’t get too attached to the dramas that are going on around you and live life from the eagle’s perspective.  That way it is easier to see all the possibilities that are available to you.

The more we accept we are creating our own realities the easier it becomes to make choices that honour our true nature and bring empowerment.  The more we listen too and act on our inner voices, our inner guru that is guiding us on our paths through life, the more we can fulfil our dreams and goals.  Life becomes much more fluid and more in tune with the natural flow of life.  We can start seeing the magic and the wonder in every experience, whether we judge it as good or bad, and let go of our need to control the outcome.  Then, instead of being battered, thrown around and smashed by it, we are really surfing the Synchronistic Wave and trusting that everything is happening perfectly.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxxxxx

New Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio new moon is all about self-mastery and is considered by some to be the most mysterious and miraculous moon of the year.  It opens up the door to hidden patterns and conditioning that subtly control our actions and choices. It can also be one of the most challenging and emotional painful moons yet at the same time can be ecstatically transformational.

The full moon in Taurus may illuminate some of your fears concerning what you don’t have.  The new moon can now show you WHY you don’t have what you desire or intentionalise.  Scorpio energy probes deep, deep into our depths and will tend to bring to the surface the darkness that we sometimes find hard to accept within ourselves. 

This gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves so we can find the causes of our problems and begin to genuinely heal the fractured parts of ourselves.  This is no easy task and sometimes pride and ego can stop us from really accepting all that we are.  It takes courage and an inner strength to commit to making ingrained behavioural changes. 

This moon is one of healing and transformation, so take the opportunity to make changes in your life – become more empowered in all ways.  Plant seeds for change with positive thoughts and attitudes and let go of that baggage that is slowing you down! Surrender to the changes that happen, whether you want it or feel ready for it or not. 

Be careful not to fall into the victimisation and suffering that Scorpio can represent.  Keep following your intuition, that little whisper inside that is constantly prompting us to take action.  It is guiding us towards the right type of creative inspiration, friendship or business decision that will help us fulfil our dreams.


This ritual is all about becoming more empowered and strengthening your inner being.  Committing to change will help you to fulfill your goals and dreams more efficiently and effortlessly. 

Sit in a quiet room – be patient and wait until you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give the time to yourself.  Light some candles and burn incense to create an ambient space. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.  Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown.  Exhale all your stresses and release all your frustrations, just breathe them right out of your body. Repeat this process three times.  Make sure you are feeling relaxed and stress free.

Refresh your memory of the answers to the questions you asked yourself at the last new moon.  Are you where you want to be?

Look at where your life is now and ask your self what you need to do to change certain aspects of it.

Write down any negative behaviour that is holding you back from achieving it.  This can be very liberating if you are brave enough to be honest and vulnerable.  Go into the dream time and ask your wise woman what you can do to let go of a negative pattern or conditioning so that you can grow and become more empowered.

Focus on one particular relationship or project and make a firm decision to change something in a positive direction, be it in your relationship with your partner, a child, business partner, work environment, parent or sibling.  Feed it positive energy, thoughts and intentions, however difficult this may seem at this moment.  See yourself in a positive situation with them and feel and believe it. Allow the relationship to develop, nurture and mature.  Find the inner tolerance, intimacy and forgiveness that will help you heal the wounds and challenges.  Even when the going gets tough keep on keeping on with the positive thoughts, overcoming any inner resistance, and by the next new moon you will find yourself in a new place…

 Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxxx

Sitting Shiva

For the last five days I have been ‘sitting Shiva’ – a traditional Jewish mourning ritual that honours the dead and helps the mourners through the first difficult days of death. Despite rejecting the religious, dogmatic aspects of the religion, I love the traditions, customs and rituals, and despite the Shiva being the most solemn of all traditions I find it the most powerful.

The Shiva is held in the house of the principle mourner, (in this case my mother). It is considered a great ‘mitzvah’ for family and friends to visit and give blessings of ‘a long life’ or to say ‘may we meet only at simcha’s.’ The mourner has a part of their clothes ripped to represent the ‘tearing away’ of the loved one and they must wear this throughout the seven day mourning period. They are also not allowed to wear leather, jewellery, shower or bathe or shave. They must also sit on low chairs to represent their discomfort and pain while all mirrors are covered. The mourner is not obliged to do anything. People are there to cook, prepare meals and provide company.

In this case I and our friend Babi from Spain stayed with my mum from Sunday to Tuesday and my younger sister took over on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a powerful experience for me to really bond with my mum when she really needed me. I also realised how many times I had not been there for her. In fact when she most needed me in the early nineties during my parents divorce I deserted her and went to live in Sri Lanka and India where I stayed for a year and a half with minimal contact. I could finally see how the cycles of time and life were coming to completion, when I could bury the past and I was able to be with her when she needed me most.

We did everything by the book because my grandpa was a real traditionalist and perfectionist. He loved things done properly and I know he was with us when my uncle, who married a catholic and has not been involved in the religion for years, said the ‘kaddish’ (memorial prayer) in Hebrew. We were honouring him in death as we honoured him in life and it made us all feel empowered and at peace.

Every night was different, with many friends visiting us each night. There was also an atmosphere that no words can describe. There was sadness but at the same time there was a feeling of great celebration. We were celebrating as well as mourning his life and this is quite unusual as some Shiva’s can be very solemn and distressing occasions.

This mourning period is over and yet I know my grandpa is still with me helping me from another dimension. I also know that he is finally seeing me, without all the blinkers from his Jewish upbringing and dogmatic conditioning. He is seeing me as the free spirit that I am and understands me fully for the first time. I know our relationship has not ended it has only changed into something different and he will be with me in spirit until my own life ends.

How blessed am I!

Love and blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

As a side note: It is interesting that the Hindu god of death and destruction, also known as the destroyer, is also called Shiva.

Eulogy to my Grandpa who died Yesterday



Yesterday morning at about 9.00am my grandpa died. It was a shock as I was sure I was going to see him on Friday and get the opportunity to say goodbye while he was still breathing. I met my brother and we went to the nursing home where he had been admitted on Monday. There he laid his body cold but his soul still hovering around.

I gave his body some healing as I could sense that my grandpa had died in a lot of pain (his body was riddled with cancer) and he needed some assistance to move into the light. It was a powerful ritual and as I was healing him and helping him on his way I could feel his love shine down and my heart expanded. My grandpa was a traditional Jew and he often found my way of life and beliefs difficult to accept but when he became ill and nearly died about four years ago I began to do energy healing on him.

His cancer went into remission and he soon accepted energy healing was a powerful tool for recovery. Every Friday night I would travel for an hour to my mum’s house to be with him and give him some healing. It was a powerful experience and we became very close on a much more subtle level. He was a friend, a teacher and a great man.

Around his neck he always wore a חי – CHAI, which means life and I am now wearing it around my neck. I feel this is his gift to me – the gift of חי of life.

He died at the grand old age of 93 and he lived his life to the full. Here is my Eulogy to my granddad that I will read tomorrow at the funeral. It describes his love of life and the very special man that he was.

Grandpa Alf

Grandpa Alf has died at the age of ninety-three
A special and dear man, I know you would agree
He lived his life too the very end with gusto and panache
His hair was always groomed and so was his ‘tache
A brother of five sisters he was older than his years
And at fourteen with his father he began his carpenting career
When his father died at sixteen he continued the family trade
And not long after, a successful manufacturing business he had made
He was such a good salesman no one could resist his charm
Always so polite and gracious, courteous and calm
Despite eventually retiring my grandpa soon got bored
And very soon you could find him on the Courts shop floor
He loved all the good things in life and lived it to the full
He was always laughing and joking and knew how to enjoy it all
He loved his yearly holidays to countries by the sea
Surrounded by a wide circle of friends and his close family
He loved playing cards, especially solo, with family and friends
His sense of humour and love of life was with him till the end
Loyal and devoted he always helped others less fortunate than himself
He knew the importance of the mitzvah of supporting someone else
He had a knack of helping others to achieve their full potential
He was great at giving advice and knew how to keep things confidential
He was always able to get out of paying parking tickets and fines
An avid spurs supporter and he’d always be on time
He loved salt beef and chips and chips with everything
Walking in the park or whatever life would bring
His beautiful face was always wrinkle free, smiling and aglow
He was so young and sprightly his age you’d never know
Recently, when he returned to the East End, after thirty years away
He thought he may find his old customers, who would have been 120 years old today!
A loving husband, father and granddad extraordinaire
Blessed are we for all the experiences together we have shared
So today we say goodbye to a very special man
He lightened up the world I was his number one fan
And even though you have passed on into the sacred light
I know deep inside that you’re doing alright
And despite the fact that we are now so very far apart
There will always be a part of you in each one of our hearts.

Rest in Peace my sweet Grandpa

You will always be with me

Love and blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Samhain – Halloween, Feast of the Dead

This is my favourite pagan festival (if I had to choose), and the one I feel most in tune with. I have felt this ever since I was a young girl when I would dress as a witch whenever I had the opportunity. This is the time when the veil between our ancestors and the spirits is at its most transparent, especially during dawn and dusk. It is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the new. We are entering into winter and time for darkness and barrenness, symbolised by the next rite of passage from Grain Mother to Crone and from the end of menstruation to a new cycle of inner knowing wisdom and preparing for death.

It is an opportunity to communicate and vision journey with our ancestors using the tools of divination; tarot, dreaming, visioning and through meditation. The portals are open for us to walk through if we are ready for this journey. Embrace the encroaching cold and darkness. Enjoy the space it creates, integrating all that has happened and is happening. Take time out to rest and relax and allow the change to happen without stress or anxiety. Change always brings the opportunity to start again.

Find a quiet place either in nature or the place where you feel most at peace and safe. Light a candle and thank the spirits, the goddess, the angels and spirit guides for their protection and love. Imagine being surrounded by your ancestors and loved ones that have passed on and tell them one by one what is in your heart. End old feuds or misunderstandings that can no longer be resolved in the physical world (I will be doing this ceremony with Don Juanito!!). If this ritual is done with the right intention and respect you can find peace.

This is the night for divination so consult with the tarot, runes, ogham stick or any other tool that best works for you. Be open to the messages as they may not be what we want to hear. Ask your spirit guides, angels or ancestors for help on your spiritual path. An effective way of getting in touch with your wise woman/spirit guide/guardian angel etc is to imagine going to her dwelling and asking her if she has a message for you. All you need to do is allow your self to hear the answer.

Glennie Kindred in ‘The Earths Cycle of Celebration’ suggests a beautiful Samhain ritual. When the moon has set gather with a few friends. Hold hands in a circle. Pour a spiral of salt on the floor and in the centre leave a lighted candle and some nuts. Each person walks into the centre of the spiral and leaves something from the old year and picks up a nut that represents a new seed to grow. Walk out of the spiral inspired with a new direction for the new year.

I decided to go dancing this evening rather than visit my grandpa who is very ill. I have planned to spend the day with him tomorrow and the dance was calling me. It was a really magical experience as there were a few friends dancing that I had not seen for a while. I danced for life and for my grandpa, my ancestors and for all those who have died.

When I came home Carlo, a friend and me did a Samhain ritual where we called in our loved ones and our friends and family who have died and I was able to complete with my grandpa and the Shaman. It was a powerful ceremony and I feel so blessed to be able to use the natural cycles of life to help and support me on my path.

Love and blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Synchronistic Chaos Part 4 – Accepting Reality

What a magical full moon this Taurus moon has turned out to be. I had a bit of a let down last week. I had booked on a goddess belly dancing weekend over this full moon. It was going to be an amazing spiritual weekend full of setting intention for our goals, dancing, staying in bell caravans and hanging out with lots of beautiful women!!

I saw it as my weekend away from everything – my long awaited holiday – but I was too attached and I knew it. Needless to say last week the organiser texted me to tell me she was ill and the weekend was cancelled. I was gutted but on some other level I knew something special would happen instead. And of course it did.

My grandpa is dying of cancer and we are very close. Instead of going away I was able to visit him with my brother and sister and give him an energy healing (I have been giving him energy healings for a long time and it has helped him so much just receiving the love). Just being there helped to heal me in some way, as well. My siblings and I then went to my mum’s for dinner which was a great way to celebrate the full moon. Later that evening I visited an old friend who is experimenting with sound healing.

He has found the frequencies that can heal the human body with sound. He has set up speakers and I sat in the direct line of the sound. It is a very intense experience but I felt as though I was in a bath of resonance. I could feel the vibrations wash over me and very soon I was off on a beautiful meditational vision journey. I saw solutions to many challenges that are facing me at this time and got clear on direction for my new website and blog.

Then I slept over at my mum’s and today we finally spent the day together that has been planned for months. We often don’t see eye to eye but we had so much fun today and really found a meeting place. It was a special evening and a special day and I got A LOT of hugs.

I am really beginning to surf the synchronistic chaos and no longer judging why things do not happen because something even greater is around the corner. More than ever I am seeing that as one dream dies another is coming true. The key is not to be too attached to what the external video is playing because it is ALL wonderful – whatever happens and however difficult things may seem in the moment.

Often we do not see the possibilities that are available to us as we do not possess the eagle’s vision. All we have to do is trust that EVERYTHING is happening perfectly and all we need to do is enjoy every moment, whatever it may bring…

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx