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Follow Your Instincts

Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself. – Oprah Winfrey

Many times our instincts and intuitions come as the small voice inside our heads. It’s the quiet urge that propels us onwards in our journey; our life’s journey. For some it’s a gut feeling or a prickly sensation that makes us want to go in a different direction.

For me, it’s usually just a quiet voice. I get a thought all of a sudden and it feels more right than anything else that’s going on in my head. All of us have this capability but many of us simply don’t listen. But, if we do, and then follow what our instinct is telling us, then we will hear better next time.

I believe we have all the answers we need for this life. If we have the feeling that we lack answers, it’s because we aren’t listening, asking the right question or we don’t like we what we hear. When we sift through the myriad of thoughts we have each day, most of us can recognize our instinct or intuition. It’s always at a low volume, speaks the truth and has nothing but our best interest at heart.

How do we get more connected to our instinctual feelings and intuitions? Meditating helps to calm the cacophony that seems to be in the minds of most of us. You can also ask yourself a question. The absolutely first thought that pops into your head is your intuition. You really have to listen because there will be a flood of thoughts which means you could mistake the second or successive thoughts as your intuition. All you need is practice.

Have a great day!


A New Earth On Oprah

Oprah recently picked A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle for her book club. Eckhart’s first book, The Power of Now, was #1 on the New York Times bestselling list. (Note: links to both books can be found to the right under my suggested list.)

Eckhart is a spiritual teacher who transcends religious boundaries. He delivers a wonderful message for all people. His book gives keys and techniques to help us step out of our ego-based state of consciousness which is the root of many of our so called dysfunctions. Not only will these ideas help you to garner true and lasting happiness, the message is also one that can help to solve many of the world’s problems and challenges. Remember, it’s okay of his message doesn’t resonate with you. Some people love it and others don’t. It’s okay either way.

For the past four weeks, Oprah has hosted a webcast event with Eckhart on her website. Hundreds of thousands of people participate in the live interactive event every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Many more (over a million people worldwide) watch the video afterwards. The Monday night sessions will last for six more weeks. I’m not sure how much longer the link will last. If it becomes broken, then just search Oprah’s site for Eckhart Tolle and A New Earth.

For those of you with iTunes, you can download each week’s video as a podcast or video right off the iTunes website. I’ve downloaded them to my iPhone and iPod and watch them when I travel. I love it.

Have a great day!



Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. – Buddha

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule. – Buddha

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. – Buddha

I just finished reading Deepak Chopra’s 2007 book, Buddha – A Story of Enlightenment. It’s a fictionalized account of how Siddhartha The Prince became Gautama The Monk and ultimately Buddha. Buddha was born 563 B.C. as Siddhartha and died in 483 B.C. after spreading his message for over 40 years.

I really enjoyed the story and I feel that Deepak showed immense creativity in piecing together the few known facts about Buddha’s life into a compelling story. Deepak helped to clarify (at least in our imagination) how Buddha came to the message that he spread in the later half of his life. Buddha believed that all of humanity’s problems stemmed from the fact that we all suffer in some fashion or another.

I recommend this book if you are at all interested in Buddha’s life. Just to be clear, this is not a book about Buddhism though there is an appendix that answers questions about it. It’s primarily a story about Buddha; his birth, his life, his message and his death.

Buddha’s Four Noble Truths:

First Noble Truth: Life contains suffering
Second Noble Truth: Suffering has a cause, and the cause can be known.
Third Noble Truth: Suffering can be brought to an end.
Fourth Noble Truth: The path to end suffering has eight parts.

Buddha’s Eightfold Path:

  • Right view or perspective
  • Right intention
  • Right speech
  • Right action
  • Right livelihood
  • Right effort
  • Right mindfulness
  • Right concentration


Peace of Mind

In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind. – Dalai Lama

This evening I felt peace of mind. This morning and the day before was the opposite. I had a huge presentation at 9:00 a.m., but with all my knowledge and experience (slightly facetious tone) I still had to deal with stress that the upcoming meeting was causing. I typically do fine in presentations but for several reasons, I had made this one bigger than it really was.

That is the message. In my mind, I made the presentation bigger than it was. It was only in my mind. Not reality. Not the truth. Not the way things are. Just in my mind, but it felt real. In fact, it was real because I believed it was. So, as I went to the meeting, I began to change my thoughts to elicit a calmer response in my body. In just a few minutes, I was feeling better and ready for the meeting. That’s the power of our thoughts.

I continued the calm thinking through the evening. What a better place to be. Peace of mind comes from inside; your thoughts, your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams. I will eventually remember all of this. 🙂

Have a great day!


Remove The Chains

You may or may not have heard of something called The Tarot. It’s an ancient deck of cards containing a multitude of universal symbols and meanings used to help the reader understand a particular problem or to discern the future. Whether or not these cards can do what they are used for is not the point. I mention it because there is an interesting card in this deck called The Devil. Immediately, the word devil brings certain assumptions, beliefs and fears to many people. Put those to the side for a moment.

On the Devil card, is a devilish looking creature, really half-man, half goat; i.e. a Pan-like creature sitting on a throne. He is a powerful god-like creature who appears to be controlling several humans beneath him. They are chained around their necks. The Devil holds the chains and it looks like he is controlling them, but the appearance of control is an illusion. If you look closely at the chains, you will see that the collars are larger than the heads. In other words, each of them could remove their chains at any moment in time and be free. But as long as they believe that the Devil is holding them, they stay in misery.

External sources do not prevent our freedom. External sources do not prevent our happiness. External sources do not control us. We can always remove the chains at any moment. We’ve just need to remember that we can.

The result of removing these chains brings freedom from inhibitions, freedom from being controlled by our tendencies towards excess and the ability to choose our level of happiness. The chains that bind us from being happy are only beliefs not reality. To quote Abraham-Hicks, beliefs are just thoughts that we think all the time. Change the thought. Change the belief. Increase your happiness.


Don't Look Back

I was so in the present moment the past was no longer part of me. – Laurel Hoodwrit

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now. – Author Unknown

Many people constantly look back at their past and think or fret about “mistakes” they have made. If you have done this, I’m sure you have not felt very good. Most of us don’t enjoy looking at bad decisions we have made. We constantly think after the fact about how we could have done better.

At this time of year, more people reflect back over the negative events of the previous year before looking ahead to the future. My advice is too not look back at all. Don’t look back last year and don’t look back at any prior years.

All of the so called bad decisions, mistakes, mishandlings and etc. have created who you are in this very moment in time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The reason we don’t need to nor should we review the past is simple. At any moment in time, in other words right now, we can choose to go in another direction or be something else. We always and I can’t stress this enough, always have the power to change what we are thinking right now. No one can take that away. Only us. Once we change what we are thinking then we can change who we are and where we are going.

So as this year winds down, take the time to concentrate on how you are feeling in this very moment. Ask yourself, “How can I feel a little bit better? Can I change or tweak my thoughts to get just a little bit more satisfaction?” Don’t look back and judge all of your decisions. They really are irrelevant. Focus on the now, the present moment, while keeping an eye towards where you want to go.

You can change your life now. You can’t change the past. So don’t focus on it.

Have a great day and a coming New Year!


Following the Thread

I’m always fascinated at how things in my life are connected, sometimes over long periods of time. I have thoughts or desires about something, anything and then weeks or months later through a series of “events” or what some would call coincidence they come true.

Time and time again, seemingly out of the blue, I’ll meet someone who knows someone who has the answer or thing I’m looking for. The more this phenomenon happens the more faith I have in it.

This happened again today. I recently met someone that has helped me to start learning yoga, gives great massages and may be able to help my friend Rebecca with an upcoming project.

My life is a wonderful adventure full of connections to a multitude of avenues, people, events, places and things. I sometimes like to follow the thread and see how things are connected. It’s a hobby of mine. 🙂

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll start to see how your life is unfolding in a definite pattern and possibly you will see the connections too.

Have a great day!


Half Moon in Gemini – Speaking without judgement

Hands up who said something in the last few days to someone that really hurt them…. I sheepishly put my hand up!!

I said something to someone close that really hurt them. More than hurt, they were deeply affected by my words, which created a huge storm in our relationship. Strangely enough the same person I had hurt had upset another close friend the night before and this had deeply affected them in turn.

What the three of us have learned from this experience is that when we speak our truth judgmentally we create disturbances in ourselves and others. When we speak words with compassion, the love is obvious and instead of hurting others we help them on their path.

This waning moon in Gemini is bringing all this stuff out into the open. We need to speak our truth but the way we deliver it is imperative during this moon. Feelings are running high and, as Christmas fever hits, it is important now more than ever to become aware of our actions and reactions.

Very often our minds play tricks on us and we start feeling anger and frustration towards those who are close to us or who we work with. Instead of reacting to them, which can create huge painful outbursts, we need to step back from the feelings and see why we they have arisen. When we become aware that everyone is reflecting and manifesting our greatest dreams and worst fears simultaneously we stop the blame game and start realising that its time to change ourselves.

Whatever disturbance is going on in your life now start seeing it as an opportunity to make changes in your own life. You have the power to change everything in your life. Walk away from that relationship that you feel is not honouring you, or hand in your notice at work if you are not feeling fulfilled. Trust that when you follow your heart and walk into the unknown without fear or regret magic happens.

We are not victims of circumstance, of life, or other people. We have brought every experience into our lives to show us how we think and feel. Once you change what is happening inside you, the external world will change accordingly.

Love and blessings and Happy December

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Full Moon in Gemini

Phewwee… what a journey this last couple of weeks has been. I feel as if I have been dancing in the chaos. All around me friends and family have been faced with dramas and confusion, as plans and dreams have been shattered and yet, new doors are opening all the time. We have had to face some of our deepest fears and really acknowledge that going with the flow is the only way to find peace.

Fortunately, the full moon in Gemini is more of a light, airy moon that will clear away some of the storm clouds that the Scorpio moon has bought up. We are all still in process which means that we still have to face our fears, but things will become easier and more manageable.

As we head into the festive season Gemini moon reminds us that we must take personal responsibility for our attitudes and behaviours. During this month be careful not to get too hung up on what others believe and say. Remain in your truth, without having to prove others wrong. There is enough room for everyone to have an opinion. This is a good time to show the humanitarian side of yourself. Act on the feeling if you feel drawn to help others less fortunate than yourself.

We have now gone through the chaos of the Scorpio new moon and time to celebrate the completion of the moon’s journey to fullness. Things are starting to come together and even though we are still in process there is more joy, laughter and peace. This is the time to really get out and share your joy and love with others. Surround yourself with those that see and know you on a deeper level than what is seen by the eye. Share a meal, stories and friendship and acknowledge the people around you, work colleagues, team mates and family.

It is a wonderful gift that this full moon lands on thanksgiving weekend. The American ritual of thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the end of the harvest and the abundance that we have in our lives. The sociable and friendly Gemini moon brings an opportunity to share and celebrate with others everything good that is in our lives. Rather than being caught up in the fear and dramas, it is time to recognise the sun shining on us and enjoy the magic and wonder of life.

The key word this month is ‘Receptivity’. Be receptive to everyone who is in your life, whether they have a negative or positive influence on you, as this moon is all about taking personal responsibility for what is happening to us. Find loving compassion for those who have angered or upset you. In their own world they have a right to feel how they feel, just as you have.

Be careful of mindless gossip and of what you say. Become more intimate, open and honest about who you are and what you are feeling. The key to connecting this moth is to listen and share. Be open to the subtle signs that are showing you the way, and your inner voice that you have been cultivating throughout the year. Things can only get better so settle down this month and enjoy this festive season.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Synchronistic Chaos Part 5 – Surfing the Wave

What an intense week it has been.  It seems that this new moon in Scorpio is providing us with the opportunity to really learn how to surf the wave of Synchronistic Chaos.  All around me and in my life too, friends and family are facing their darkest fears and greatest hopes at the same time.  I am finding that by not being attached to what is happening, I am able to see the magic moment to moment.

Everything is speeding up, including our awakening.  We can no longer pretend that the challenges we are facing in our lives are just going to go away.  This new moon in Scorpio puts us in a position where we have to face our fear – whether it’s manifested by other people who are causing chaos in our lives, or situations beyond our control.  It is showing us that we must take personal responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives because we are creating it.

Albert Einstein said you cannot change a situation at the same level it’s been created. It is the time to start seeing our lives from a different perspective.  I call it the fourth dimension or the quantum dimension. We have to accept that darkness and light co-exist simultaneously in our lives.  The sun is always shining when you see beyond the clouds

At the beginning of my spiritual search I believed that the state of enlightenment was all about reaching a place where there were no more challenges and problems and I could live a life of bliss.  Now I know that the state of ‘enlightenment’ is the pure acceptance of both the dark and light that is manifesting all the time, just like the waves crashing onto the shore.  As one wave disappears, another takes its place in a constant flow.  Life is like this.  As one dream dies another is realised.  The challenge comes when we try to hold on to the dream that is dying and do not focus on the new one that is being created.


Nowadays t is easier to see the flow, instant karma, as things are changing at every moment in rapid succession.  So during this period don’t get too attached to the dramas that are going on around you and live life from the eagle’s perspective.  That way it is easier to see all the possibilities that are available to you.

The more we accept we are creating our own realities the easier it becomes to make choices that honour our true nature and bring empowerment.  The more we listen too and act on our inner voices, our inner guru that is guiding us on our paths through life, the more we can fulfil our dreams and goals.  Life becomes much more fluid and more in tune with the natural flow of life.  We can start seeing the magic and the wonder in every experience, whether we judge it as good or bad, and let go of our need to control the outcome.  Then, instead of being battered, thrown around and smashed by it, we are really surfing the Synchronistic Wave and trusting that everything is happening perfectly.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxxxxx