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Flo mentioned David Sedaris yesterday, and I always laugh to the point of exhaustion at Sedaris, especially when he reads his own material. There is nothing like uncontrolled laughter to make you feel good about a day. I know this is obvious.

Still, it’s worth noting any day filled with laughter. Today I went to Ohio on a business trip and had a 2-hour planning meeting with 3 colleagues and 3 staff members of one of our customers. About 30 minutes in, a delightful woman who works for our customer began telling stories about herself. They were self-deprecating and hysterically funny.

We spent most of the next 90 minutes laughing, and we all agreed that it was a very pleasant way to spend a work day. This shouldn’t be rare, and I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure it isn’t. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.