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The Words of Albert

Out of clutter,
Find simplicity.
From discord,
Find harmony.
In the middle of
Difficulty lies
Opportunity. – Albert Einstein

I really resonated with this quote from Albert Einstein. I have noticed that when my life has felt cluttered, my house becomes cluttered. Recently, I have been removing the clutter both from home and work. As a result my mind has become more open, brighter and relaxed.

As I go through changes at work, I’ve found myself steeped in discord. Lately, the harmony has returned as I focus on what I really want and not on what is going on around me.

As I experience some minor difficult times (work related), I’m not experiencing deep despair, but more of an anxious expectation as things unfold. I believe in a great future for myself and opportunity abounds.

Thanks for the reminder, Albert.

Have a great day!


ABC’s – Want it more than anything

ABC’s – Want it more than anything

This goes right in line with the last two blogs – understanding yourself (and your wants), visualizations (taking the time to see and “build that big picture” of what the want is…. and then…. constructing the WANT statement and removing or getting the information you need in order to do it.

To clarify how to know that you want is “pure” the old saying stands, when you construct your want statement there should be “No ifs, ands or buts”. This is kind of an exercise of removing any road blocks or red tape. Staging the “environment” so it is conducive to the receiving of the want.

Now this is not to say that these words would not be applicable depending. Just be aware, if you do have one of the ifs, ands, or buts in your want statement, be aware that they will affect the outcome of the want.

Example –

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school, but if I don’t I can get a student loan.

Don’t or the word not, will always take the item away. The “lack of” is what you are attracting.
And, you just stated that “I can do it this other way”.
So really, you don’t “need” it or expect you will get it.

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school, if no one else needs it more because I can get by.

You selfless, generous person you. Of course someone else needs it more.

* I want to win the Lottery to pay for school and I will by my mom a car.

You are generous and you have now promised to do more with it.
But now you are down a path that you now have to commit to what you
are going to do with all the money before the want is met.
Are you feeling a little guilty about winning?

* I want to win the Lottery for pay for school and I want to win today.

Good for you. How is that going to happen? Will it be mailed to you?
Will someone be buying that for you just on a whim? You still need to take action.

This is the strength statement:

* This is the winning ticket.

So you now have the winning ticket in your hand before the draw.
Do you really believe this? Or are any of those ifs, ands, or buts,
from above still in your head?

All the action has been completed (ticket was actually purchased before draw) :) (kind of import part there). The “ifs, ands, or buts” are removed and the want is pure.

Wow…. that was fun. Hee hee hee. I also have another blog started on how I got to this realization. This has been a great day.

Have a blessed day. And here is to all your wants.


Helping to Make the World a Better Place

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

So, you want to make the world a better place? It starts with you. If you want to see more peace in the world, be more peaceful. If you want to have someone love you, love yourself first. If you despise hypocrisy, practice what you preach. If you want the world to be less judgmental, then become more open and tolerant.

We tend to forget at times that the power to change the world lies within us. It’s easy to blame everything or everyone for the world’s problems. But, if you think about it, the world’s problems started with someone just like us. So, why can’t the world’s solutions start with someone just like us?

The more we consciously work on ourselves, the more opportunity we will have to change the world. The less victimized we will feel because we will began to be responsible for what is going on around us.

Everyday, remember that as you become a better person, the world around you will respond in kind.

Have a great day!


ABC’s – Visualize it

ABC’s – Visualize it

You know, I struggled with this one through the years. My Sports Coaches would say it, my Professors would say it, my counselor, my boss…. but I still didn’t quite get to the “goal”. So I thought. :) I had, however, started an internal dialog that said “I don’t know how to do that”. I was also incorrect there.

Through the last few months I have found that I did know how to visualize and I was quite good at it. The truth was, though I didn’t reach the goal that my coaches, parents, teachers, bosses, etc had wanted (or visualized) for me, I had reached mine. I enjoy sports, but my want was not to be a sports star, my want was to study sports and understand how to “coach”. And, I was successful. I also enjoy learning, and though I didn’t “complete college” what I really wanted was to understand what was needed to transition from high school to college. And, I was successful. And I can do this for each of the places in my life that I had originally marked down as “unsuccessful” previously.

See, what I had found was though I didn’t not reach the end result that others would have wanted, I had reached the end result for me. I wanted knowledge on “how” things were done. This included and most importantly “parenting”. And I can now with full honesty to myself… I am successful. (I will safe more on that for a later blog.)

What ever means works for you, from what ever source that is safe for you… I recommend taking time to fully understand what “visualization” is. And how it works for you. This includes all the senses and emotions that come with it. When you do, you can dramatically effect change in your life and get to your wants with amazing precision and speed.

Have a most blessed day!


The Power of Dreams

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I really believe that the power of our dreams is the seed for change, not only for ourselves but the world around us. Dreams give us hope. Hope is a fantastic start to feeling better in the present. Feeling better in the present makes us happier now and gives us the ability to create better dreams.

Our dreams sustain us through the trials of life. Our dreams guarantee a better future if we combine them with feeling as good as we can at every moment. It sounds like a tall order, but it only takes focusing on one thought at a time and “tweaking” it to sound or feel a little bit better. Each tiny step towards feeling better is a giant leap in your personal well being.

Over time a sustained effort in feeling as good as you can at every moment, will open up a world of possibilities. You’ll become more objective. You’ll find that you are in control of your own state of being at any time and no longer affected by external forces.

Pleasant dreams!


ABC’s – Understand yourself in order to better understand others

ABC’s – Understand yourself in order to better understand others

Really? I think and believe that this statement can go in both directions. “Understand others in order to better understand yourself”. Though, the second can make the process a lot longer. But does work. :)

This one was a little tough for me at first. I SO understood others…. I was the one that was “different”. And I know several people that understood themselves very well, but thought everyone else was confused. :)

Either way that you come to this one, it still works. I initially got really good at looking at myself (and healing) by learning about how my kids are. The uniqueness of each of them and the similarities in development cycles.

I think it should also be noted, that the best way to get to know your preferences and understand yourself is to REALLY pay attention to “why” you feel a certain way when you experience something. Note your initial reaction and when you have time, sit down quietly with yourself or a close confidant and ask yourself “Why do I feel that way?” and “What does that mean to me?”. Then when you have those answers, you can ask yourself “What do I want to do about that?” Then, before actually “taking action”, ask yourself “How would my action make me feel?” and “Will I respect myself for taking that action?”.

I have found through my journey over the past few months that when I take time to do this type of exercise at minimum once a day, I can and have invoked massive change in my life in a relatively short amount of time. And days that I feel “undone” most of the day, I slow down, ask myself the questions (or similar) through each step of the day… and by the end of the day, I have completed a multitude of things, my strength is intact and I feel good about my whole day! And then rest is so much more pleasant and I am not carrying things over to the next day (residual negativity).

Throughout my life, I felt I didn’t “know” myself. And I really enjoyed doing for others. Though, for many years and at different times, I felt and thought that it was my “job” to be there and help others. Well that didn’t “feel good”, but when I asked myself if I gave up doing for others, how would I feel. Well, I would have felt “worse”… so I continued on doing for others. What I found though, is as I helped others, I was actually getting to know me more. Understanding myself more. I had the desire to be there, providing support and doing for others, but I just didn’t understand why. Through doing what “felt” right to me, I learned and started to understand myself through understanding others.

What ever direction you take to finding or understanding self (and this is respectful understand of, not “beating yourself up” stuff) :) take the time to do it. Ask yourself the questions that you would if you were helping someone else. And remember that you deserve respectful communication and support….. even from yourself. :)

I can truly attest to the fact, that once you find your “center” your ability to create and manifest change is dramatically increased and you can do amazing things is a matter of moments.

Have a blessed day!


Live with Intention

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Continue to learn.
Appreciate your friends.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is. – Mary Anne Radmacher

I can’t really add to what Mary Anne has stated. Brilliant advice. I do most and will work on the rest.

How much do you follow the suggestions she so eloquently poses?

Have a great day!


My Thought Experiment

For the past two weeks, I’ve been really fatigued and run down. My energy level has been low making it very difficult to stay awake until 10:00 p.m. at night without having coffee. I couldn’t figure out what was the cause, but it was definitely work related.

Over the weekend, I had the thought that the “cause” may be related to what I had been thinking about. I reviewed my thoughts over the last couple of weeks and noticed that I had been concentrating on what I didn’t like at work. In fact, uncharacteristic as this is for me, I was complaining out loud to a few of my peers. We would then get into debates that basically were negatively focused.

I talked to a friend about this and I decided to adjust my attitude and start focusing on what I enjoyed at work. I also focused on what made me happy outside of work. I worked on this attitude adjustment all weekend. I ate well and got lots of rest. I did some fun things that took my mind off the last two weeks. By Monday morning my energy was almost back to normal and I was feeling much better.

I was productive at work and got a lot done. Around 3:00 p.m. while talking with a peer, I decided to turn the conversation to some problems we were facing hoping for a negative conversation. This was instantly successful and we began to complain verbally about some issues at work. Within five minutes I noticed my energy level dropping, my eyelids getting heavy with fatigue and my overall sense of well being vanishing. Wow! Very interesting. I quickly turned the conversation back to something more positive. After about an hour of focusing on positive things, my energy level returned to normal.

I believe that when we focus on what we don’t like or what we don’t have, subtle things begin to happen. Slowly over time we begin to lose our sense of well-being, victim attitudes are common, happy moments are fleeting and our energy level starts to decline. Over time we become more prone to disease. Remember that being happier actually helps our immune system.

Think about this the next time you are complaining about something, noticing things you don’t like, swearing at a bad driver or generally just being grumpy. Start making the shift to more positive or happier thoughts and watch your life change.


Using No to Help Change

Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Sometimes when changing behaviors or habits, the ability to say no to oneself is vital. But what we say yes to can be just as important. In fact when removing negative habits, if you don’t have something positive to fill the void created by removing the old habit, you may very well go back to what is familiar.

Don’t forget the importance of moderation. If a habit or behavior is too hard to stop completely, then moderation may be a technique that can work for you. If you drink six cups of coffee per day and you want to drink less, try reducing one cup at a time over a period of several weeks. Replace that cup with an herbal tea. If you don’t want to stop drinking coffee all together, try only drinking a couple of cups in the morning or mixing with decaffeinated coffee.

If you enjoy ice cream, try not to have it every day. Instead have one serving once a week or every three days. Gradual change may be much easier for your emotions to handle.

These examples all have to do with food, but really they will work for anything. For example, if you want to curb the amount of T.V. you watch or to stop smoking. It can go the other way also. If you want to do more of something, like exercise, try adding one exercise to your daily routine. When you get used to that, add another one.

Change can be palatable if we work with ourselves.

Have a great day!


The Warmth of a Smile

All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile. – Chris Hart

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. – Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

A smile confuses an approaching frown. – Author Unknown

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. – Author Unknown

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available. – Jim Beggs

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. – Andy Rooney

If you smile at someone, they might smile back. – Author Unknown

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.
Author Unknown

Such a simple truth! The power of a smile truly can change the world starting one person at a time. I try to smile at people at every chance I get. Many smile back. Everyone feels better.

I’m always surprised at how many people have frowns on their face. I bet many don’t even know they look that way. I give them a smile in an attempt to get that frown off their face. A lot of times it works. Has that person’s day changed? Will they pass on the smile to someone else? I never know, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Start your day off with some smiles. You’re attitude will change immediately and maybe you will have the opportunity to brighten another person’s day.

Have a great day! :-)