Hope in the Present

The present is the ever-moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Hope is a powerful emotion that can help to breakdown or eliminate negative emotions. I see hope as a bridge between negative emotions and more positive ones. It’s the fulcrum or pivot point for change.

One of the advantages of hope is that it is a present moment activity. Hope is something you actively generate now. It’s never looking at the past. It does look at the future in a positive vein, but the emotions are felt now.

A technique called the “What If Game” is a great way to generate hope and excitement. It’s quite simple and can be played in your mind or written down, which I think is slightly better.

  1. Pick any topic that you feel less than hopeful about or not that good.
  2. Ask yourself the question “What if ……..? For example, you may be feeling less than hopeful when paying your bills; i.e. your cash flow is low. You may ask yourself, “What if I had all the money I desire?” [Note: Don’t ask this question in the negative like “What if I had enough money to pay my bills, because I can’t pay all of them now?” Keep it positive.]
  3. Using your imagination, answer your own question. Be specific as you can without viewing things from a negative place or in the context of not having something. Be sure to think or write down the positive emotions you would feel. What would your world be like in your What If scenario?
  4. Typically you will start to feel better. When you start to feel better, options that may have eluded you before now become visible.

Use this technique at anytime or anywhere to generate hope.

Have a great day!