Our Secret Person

There is a secret person undamaged in every individual. – Paul Shepard

I’m a firm believer that inside all of us, the core of our being is free from all the restrictions we have placed on ourselves. Fear doesn’t exist in this individual. Obstacles have been removed. Love of the self is constant. This individual flows with the river of life.

Every single one of us has this pure version of ourselves just waiting to get out. The important thing is that this inside individual is not really separate and is available to us right now. We just have to make the decision to make contact.

I believe by consistently turning towards feeling a little bit better when we are feeling negative emotion is one path to making a connection to our inner selves. If you view your feelings as just an indicator of how close you are to your inner being, you can adjust when you are not feeling well.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and it doesn’t mean that you have to move from depression to bliss. Small steps. Depression to anger. Anger to frustration. Little steps. Figure out ways to turn your thoughts to something a little bit better. That’s all it takes. Each turn towards a more positive thought brings you that much closer to your true self who is really never any further than what you are thinking. Remember, I don’t mean to convince yourself you are okay with something that is negative to you. I mean to find a way to change your focus to something more positive that you can believe in.

Try this for a few days and see how you feel.