Great Progress

Friday night and today were all about book writing. Nat and I made enormous progress and in fact reached every goal we had for the 1 1/2 days. We are currently three weeks ahead of schedule.  🙂

When you are working on a huge project like this, it always feels great to complete sections. Many times when we work together, everything just seems to click and flows quite readily. This last session was no exception except for the fact that it clicked more than usual.

It felt like inspired action. Inspired action differs from action because it comes from somewhere other than the mind. It feels like a pressure or extreme passion to do something and if you don’t do it you will burst. Typically, inspired action almost always taps into deep levels of creativity, generates great results and leaves a feeling of satisfaction that doesn’t compare to normal action.

Today was full of inspired action. That in itself generates more passion for the next phase.


1 thought on “Great Progress

  1. Nat

    I love the phrase, “inspired action.” There is nothing like working with the certainty that it is the right effort at the right moment. Just to have a clear purpose is a joy and a relief. So glad to be working with you.

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