Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Erica gave me a really fantastic gift this year for Xmas. It’s the Amazon Kindle. I’m finding it to be one of the coolest products since the iPhone. In fact, it is like an iPod. As you know with an iPod you can have your entire music library on a device that fits in your palm. The Amazon Kindle is the same for your book library.

You can store about 200 books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and etc. on this wireless reading device. More if you add additional SD memory. Since I only just started using one, I’ve downloaded a total of two books to mine. It took less than a minute to download each digital book version. Most new releases and New York Times best sellers are $9.99. All Amazon purchases for the Kindle are stored on the Amazon servers in your account so you never lose them.

It’s incredibly easy to read and uses something called electronic paper with digital ink. The high resolution screen is not backlit like a regular monitor. Your eyes don’t tire as easily like they do with a computer monitor. The text is very crisp and navigating from page to page is very easy. It’s like reading a paper book.

The device always remembers where you where last reading and when you go back to your book, it automatically takes you to the last page read. I love that. Also, you can easily highlight sections that interest you, make notes and annotations, bookmark pages for future reference and clip entire articles that you can later download to your personal computer.

The free WhisperNet wireless network works flawlessly. You don’t need to find a hotspot as it accesses a high speed network like advanced cell phones use. I feel like I have stepped into the future. I learned how to use it in about 10 minutes, but then spent another hour learning the finer details. The Amazon Kindle is very intuitive and fun to use.

The battery life is great. If you leave the wireless off you can read for about a week until a recharge is necessary. If you leave the wireless on, you will need to recharge every couple of days. Battery recharge only takes about 2 hours. Bottom line; it is extremely portable and energy efficient.

I don’t believe I will ever get rid of real books as I love them too much, but now when I travel I can have an entire library at my disposal in a device that weighs about 10 ounces.

Thanks Erica!