Thinking About Family

Tonight was the night where we sat and opened presents from each other. I have always loved this tradition. There is a lot of laughter and┬ámany special moments. It’s fun to watch someone get what they were wanting and seeing the joy in their eyes.

I was thinking a lot about family tonight. We are all so unique but we share a very strong common bond. We all have our peculiarities, eccentricities and quirks but the focus is on the positive aspects of each other. Accepting someone means accepting everything about them, both positive and “negative”. The differences can be celebrated just as much as the similarities.

These lessons in unconditional love can easily translate to other things in our world. Instead of focusing on what we don’t like about someone or what we disagree with, why don’t we find what we do like instead? For example, maybe their political views are divergent from ours, but they have a great sense of humor and do a lot of charitable work. Or maybe someone has religious views that we don’t subscribe to, but they exhibit fantastic family values.

Look for the good things, the positive things and the things that make us happy in people. If we spent our time focused here instead of complaining, disagreeing or disregarding then the world would dramatically change. We can start right now making a difference by being just a little bit more tolerant.

Have a great day!