Getting Grandmother Connected

My sister had a great Christmas present idea for our grandmother who is 93 1/2 years old. Presto makes a device that allows people who don’t have a computer to receive emails, photos and etc. through a special printer that connects through a regular phone line.

We went over to my grandmother’s apartment tonight and set up the device and connected it to the phone line. Within 30 minutes the setup had been configured and my grandmother received her first two printouts. One was from me and it was a simple photo of my daughter eating oatmeal today. The other was a written email with a photo of my sister’s family.

Wow! Our grandmother was overwhelmed (in a good way), felt joy at getting some photos and then shed some tears because she understands how she will be more connected now to the entire family.

You know, we all have the same desire and that’s to know that someone, somewhere is thinking about us and cares. Our family is spread all over the country which makes it hard to get together all at once. So, now, my grandmother’s world just expanded exponentially and she can more easily stay connected to the rest of the family who takes technology for granted.

It was a wonderful evening. 🙂

Thanks sis for the great idea!


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  1. Nat

    That’s one of the most remarkable gadgets I’ve ever heard about. I can’t believe this is the first I’m hearing about it. So nice for your grandmother.

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