Snow Eating Ducks

Snow Eating Ducks

Snow Eating Ducks

Several inches of snow fell yesterday and last night. I was in the mood for taking photographs. In fact, today was the first set of photos for the 2009 year. The landscape was beautiful with the recent snowfall.

I decided to drive out to Roger Williams Park and Zoo near Providence, RI. Wow, it was quite lovely. All the lakes were frozen and a lot of snow had fallen over the frozen surfaces.

I rode around checking everything out and taking numerous photos. You can see some of them here. The most interesting moment came after I had taken some photos in the Japanese Garden.

I walked down the road a bit and saw dozens of ducks, many seagulls and one goose. But, strangely, the ducks were munching on the snow. By munching, I mean frantically eating the snow as fast as they could get it down. I had never seen anything like this before, though, I’m sure this is normal behavior for them. I guess that is how they drink when the lakes and streams are covered with ice.

Regardless, it was fascinating to watch. They allowed me to get quite close as long as I moved very slowly. Any sudden movements sent them flying. The photo link above shows a larger wide angle view of the ducks you see to the left.

I’m so glad I decided to venture outside today. I would have missed this wonderful natural phenomenon.

Have a great day!