Writing Struggles

Sometimes I go through periods where writing is very difficult. In fact, it’s can be quite a struggle at times. The last week or two have been like that. It seems like every time I sit down to write, whether it’s the blog, the book or anything else, it’s just hard to get anything out.

I talked to Nat about this tonight and he made the analogy about training for sports. The best training is when you show up. It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad day or a good day. Showing up is the key.

Deep down I know that I’m improving by writing regularly, but during times like this it is hard to be objective. But, I don’t stop. Little by little it works itself out and then I move on to another level. It’s a strange feeling sometimes, but friends can help you stay objective and on track.

I think Nat’s advice can apply to life in general. Show up every day regardless of what is going on internally. Don’t shut the world out. Be involved. Be present. Observe. Listen.

I’m feeling better already.


1 thought on “Writing Struggles

  1. Jim Stegall

    Are we all not looking for “significance” — more than happiness, comfort or almost anything else? I have been telling myself each day:
    “The steps I take and changes I make today are 1,000 times more significant than any steps I have ever taken or changes I have ever made.” As motivation, you might try saying, “The words I write today are 1,000 times more significant than any words I have ever written.” Also, remember that when you think you are doing your worst, you are probably doing your best work. Jim

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