First Week with New Job

My first week at the new consulting job is complete. Wow, it was definitely an adjustment after being on vacation for 5 1/2 months. My sleep and eating patterns were off. I had to be quite patient and slowly ease into the new schedule. I expect next week to be even better as I get into a regular rhythm.

But, I have no regrets working again as it is keeping my current lifestyle stable and I really like that. The work is interesting enough and I’m working fewer hours than with my previous employer. Plus, as an independent consultant, I get a lot more tax deductions.

I have to say though that the freedom I experienced over the last 5 1/2 months has changed my life and my perspective on how things can and could be. I found that my desire to get back to that level of freedom has grown exponentially over the last week.

So, I will be working towards having a lifestyle that is based on that level of freedom. That’s the good thing about contrast. You can definitely pinpoint exactly what you desire.

That’s a good thing.