Dream Job

In January, Australia’s Queensland Bureau of Tourism announced through the web an incredible job opportunity based on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a dream job. Your primary responsibilities include exploring the islands and the reef. You must try all the different activities available and report about them on a weekly basis by blog, photography and video. There will be the occasional interview. Basically, by experiencing all that the reefs have to offer and telling the world, you promote the region for the tourism bureau.

Accommodations are extraordinary; a three bedroom condo in a multi-million dollar resort. The job is for six months from July 1st 2009 to January 1st 2010. The pay is approximately $100,000 U.S. Not bad in relation to the responsibilities.

Thousands upon thousands of people have applied and at one point so many people were hitting their website that it crashed because of the traffic overload. You must fill out a very short application and upload a 60 second video about yourself and why you are best for the job.

50 semi-finalists will be voted on during the the last week of March. 11 short-listed candidates will be announced on April 2nd and will be flown to Australia for the final interview during the first week of May. The winner will be picked on May 6th and needs to start work promptly on July 1st.

I’m applying!