Valentine's Day

Today is the day where romance fills the air and people actively show others how much they are loved. For quite some time, this tradition has been an important part of relationships. Gifts, cards, flowers, candy and other “treats” are given in vast quantities.

So, it was strange for me when I was at a leadership lecture on Thursday and the speaker spent several minutes talking about how much he loathed Valentine’s Day. This is a married man speaking about how terrible Valentine’s Day has been. Obviously I was curious to listen for his explanation.

In this man’s mind, Valentine’s Day is a cheap way to tell someone how you feel or treat them nice once, but do very little the rest of the year. In his view, most or many people don’t do much all year and feel that if they do something on Valentine’s Day then all is well.

I thought this was a fairly negative view of people and the tradition. But, as I thought about it, one point did stand out. It was that we should be telling our loved ones many more times than on this one day how much we love them. We should be treating them in a more positive manner regularly. We should show how much we care throughout the year.

I believe doing all of that would make Valentine’s Day even more special.

Nothing like the present to start a new habit.