No Stress at Work

My relatively new consulting job is virtually stress free. In some ways this is taking a bit of an adjustment as I went for some many years with a high stress job. Even though I took 5 1/2 months off, the old patterns seem to be there. By old patterns, I mean that my mind expects things to be stressful, is looking for stressful parts of the job and trying to gear my body into stress all from previous patterns of behavior.

But, there is no stress. So, I’m retraining my mind and body to understand that you can have a job that is not stressful especially if you like what you do. My goal is to go from a stressful, no fun job to no/little stress, somewhat fun job to a stress free, very exciting and fun career. It’s a three step process. I’m on step two.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed many aspects of the stressful job; like the worldwide travel and the challenge of doing things that had not been done before. So, it hasn’t left bad memories. In fact, the skills I gained during that time translate to so many different jobs and careers. There were many times I had a lot of fun. It’s just that the job didn’t sustain my passion.

It’s an exciting time as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 🙂