Mole Day

After the Storm

After the Storm

Today was mole day. I stayed indoors almost all day due to the snow storm during the night. There was still snow coming down when I woke up. I actually like days like this. Not all the time but every now and then.

In the photo on the left, I’ve already cleaned my car off. It had almost a foot of snow on top of it. When the driveway was cleared, we created 2 – 3 foot banks of snow on either side. It was surprisingly a lot for half a night of snowfall.

I was able to work from home which is always a treat to me. No need to dress up. Pajamas can stay on. 🙂

One nice thing is that I actually get more work done and can focus more. There are no distractions. No meetings to attend. No one calling you. No one asking questions. It helps to get caught up on projects you may be working on.

I use these days to recharge, clear my head and relax while getting stuff done. I’m not one to complain about the weather, so when storms come I take advantage and catch up on my home to-do list. Days like this make me appreciate having a warm home to stay in.

I am getting thoughts of spring in my head. I’m looking forward to it this year. No one is sure when the weather will break and start warming up, but next week I travel to New Orleans. I’m hoping for some warmer weather just to get the chill out of my bones.

But, I’ll never regret the snowfall. It is always novel for me.

Have a great day!