Moment by Moment

The secret to Momentum in life can be found in the word Momentum… you create it Moment by Moment… – Doug Firebaugh

Following with yesterday’s post, the choices you make at every moment determine what your immediate and long term future will be.  Consistently making better choices first in thought and then in action will begin to propel you to a different, hopefully better place.

As I have mentioned many times before, your power is solely at the pivotal point of the present moment. This is the place where you can make different choices, take new actions, think improved or happier thoughts and completely change the direction you are going.

Most of the time we don’t do this because we are focused on the past. Sometimes so much so, that we lose the perspective of the present moment. Other times, we falsely believe that external forces are affecting us.

Each time we remember the power we have right now, the easier the next moment will be. The choices we make now will affect the next moment and on and on into the future. The biggest gift you can give yourself and the best sign of love is to make positive choices and change your thoughts for the better.

  • I don’t like where I live. Make the choice right now to find another place to live.
  • I feel depressed. Make the choice right now to get some help.
  • I don’t like my body. Make the choice to change what you eat.
  • I would like to exercise more. Make the choice to start now by taking a long walk.
  • I hate my job. Make the choice right now to brainstorm what you ideal career would be like.

The time is now to gain momentum in your life. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have a great day!