New Orleans – Bourbon Street

Ahhhh!! I’m in New Orleans for a 3 day photography workshop. My hotel, the Royal Sonesta, is located right on Bourbon Street in the heart of the French Quarter. Let me tell you. This place is crazy. It’s full of people day and night. Everyone is working hard on having a good time; lots of partying going on due to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

I really love the French Quarter and New Orleans has a special feel like many European cities. You can easily walk anywhere. No driving required. There is something interesting around every corner. The food is world class. Cajun and Creole styles are supreme. But, every other type of food can easily be found.

You never know what is behind a door or entrance way. The streets are narrow and many times when you walk into someone’s home or a cafĂ©, it turns into a beautiful courtyard full of plants and flowers. It gives the experience a sense of magic because it feels like you were transported somewhere else.

What adds to this trip is that fact that New Orleans seems to be getting back its vitality. I’ve met some really nice people and everyone seems to be in a good mood. The service at the hotel is spectacular.

The people here have had some tough times but you wouldn’t know it today. It’s good to see.

Have a great day!