First Day of Spring

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

The Vernal Equinox occurred at 7:44 a.m. EDT. This heralds the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of fall in the southern. Astronomical note: The equinox is the point at which the center of the sun crosses the equator.

For us in the north, it’s a time to start coming out from weeks and month of being reclusive. Internally, it’s time to turn away from a time of introspection to more outward endeavors. I love this time of year. People start to thaw out. Plants are budding. Flowers begin blooming. The world is waking up (at least in the north).

I’m looking forward to doing more hiking without heavy coats, gloves and hats. I’m ready to feel the warmth of the sun while sitting on my deck. I’m ready for spring bulbs. I’m ready for the Newport Flower Show. I’m ready for my annual trip to Yosemite with my daughter.

I’m just ready for spring.

I’m glad it’s here!