Leaving Pounds Behind

I’ve been working on losing a few pounds over the last month. My method has been the South Beach Diet. I have to say it’s working well for me. I’m down 11.4 pounds which puts me in my normal range. My goal is 3 – 5 more.

I’m actually more happy that I was able to get my mental state (i.e. thoughts) in line to do this. It took me a little while to get there. But, once I was there, the rest seemed to just flow easily. I believe that is the case for any goal or thing you want to achieve. You’ve got to get your thoughts going in that direction.

For me, I started with not feeling good at the weight I was at. I was uncomfortable. My energy level was low. My mind wasn’t as sharp as it normally can be. My body simply wasn’t happy. So, I had a choice. Change or continue to feel poorly.

First, I had to be okay with where I was physically. It’s a funny thing. You can’t change yourself until you are okay and accept wherever you are at that moment.  Once you accept the current situation, the ability to change comes easily. When you don’t like who, where or what you are, no change can happen. You actually perpetuate the situation that you don’t like.

But, once you garner acceptance, magic happens. You start feeling motivated to take small actions that begin the process of change. You feel inspired. At first, only slightly but it builds over time. Before you know it, you’ve made significant steps to towards your goal, whatever that may be.

Work on the acceptance first. You’ll find your path of change to be much easier.

Have a great day!