Your Morning Shower

Like taking a morning shower, make the planting of positive thoughts a daily practice. – Neil Eskelin

This is an excellent exercise. It doesn’t require any special equipment, just your brain. No special techniques. Just a little bit of thinking which we all have a great amount of experience doing.

But it’s the type of thinking that is the key; focusing on some, maybe only a few, positive thoughts. You see that’s the difference. You don’t try to NOT think negative thoughts. It can’t be done. They more you try to not think something, the more you will think it. It’s a simple rule that says you get what you focus on, whether it’s negative or positive. For example, remember when you try to not think about a song that is swimming around your head. It never goes away until you focus your attention on something else.

So, instead, turn your attention to something completing different, i.e. something more positive, even if it’s only a little bit. The key is turning towards something a little bit better. That’s all. Nothing dramatic. Nothing stressful. Just a little bit better.

Each day shower yourself with a few positive thoughts. Try it. See how it works.

Have a great day!