Paper Thin Fears

Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them. – Brendan Francis Behan

This is a fantastic revelation for those of us that harbor numerous fears. But, how do we know which are paper thin and which are made of stone? We can’t really. From the scary side of fear it always looks bigger than reality. We have no perspective to truly judge.

So, Mr. Behan’s idea is the only valid choice. Make that courageous step. You’ll immediately know the size and nature of the fear. If it’s a small one, then you are through and can celebrate. If it is a bigger one, then you’ve just made a very important step in the elimination of this fear in your life. Again, celebrations are in order.

Eliminating fears will propel you forward in ways that you may not be able to imagine right now. Holding on to fears, thinking about fears, holding back because of fears, not being who you truly are because of fears all take a huge amount of energy to maintain. We don’t realize this because we “adapt” over time. It’s like being slowly boiled. We are not aware until the stress level is quite high.

When we release a fear, it’s like being plugged into an electrically outlet. We get back all the energy that was tied up holding on to the fear. That energy can now be used for anything you desire: eliminating more fears, creative pursuits, pursuing a passion, having fun, getting a better night’s sleep and many, many more. It will also give you hope and encouragement in other areas of your life.

What small step can you take today to overcome a fear?