Loving Yosemite

El Captan (taken with iPhone)

El Captan (taken with iPhone)

Yosemite is as wonderful as it always has been for me. The thrill of seeing the 3500+ foot sheer granite cliff of El Capitan rising from the valley floor always sends me to a place of instant quiet and reflection.

As my daughter and I stood there looking in wonder, I told her that it never gets old for me. She agreed. We usually stop at the same place near Bridal Veil Falls to stare for a few minutes or longer sometimes. This short stop always sets the stage for me for the rest of my experience at Yosemite. It starts great, ends wonderfully and the middle is filled with adventures.

The benefit I gain mentally, emotionally and spiritually from traveling to this unique place lasts for many weeks and months. It only takes a few moments to regain those feelings through remembering my experiences here. Just thinking about this natural wonderland makes me feel calm and peaceful.

I’m glad to be back here especially with my daughter. We’ll celebrate her birthday during our trip!

The sky is inky black. Thousands of stars shine down on us. It’s time for bed to get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.