What You Believe in Others

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. – Lady Bird Johnson

Belief. It’s a powerful influence not only for children but adults as well. By sharing your belief in someone else, you can actually help them instill that same belief within themselves. It’s a great way to help people and one of the best ways to enable others to learn how to help themselves.

I’ve seen it in work situations, my friends and my daughter.  People will rise to your expectations. Sometimes that is all they need to get going. Once that fire is lit, it will burn on its own eventually.

When you worry about someone or have anxiety and fear, then you are feeding their lack of success. Empathy may not be the answer to helping somebody. Seeing past their own faults and looking into their true nature is the only way to help them. If someone is feeling down, you can’t help them by feeling down also. If someone is talking negative or having negative thoughts, being negative with them will not help them. In fact, all that does is bring you down also. It’s important to not feed someone’s dysfunctional belief in themselves. Show them a different way, a different perspective. That’s the best gift you can give. Sometimes it’s just the support people need to get out of a challenging situation.

Next time you are with friends, family or coworkers, look and see what your beliefs are concerning them. Are you helping them or feeding their hindrances?