Trust Your Gut

Trust your hunches… Hunches are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Recently I had to make a big decision regarding a work contract. After days of negotiating, I was not happy with the entire process. Even though I was able to procure everything I wanted with the contract, there was something off, something that made me feel uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. There were many outward signs that said something was amiss. But the gut feeling I was having felt much more important than external indicators.

I made a decision to let these gut feelings sit for a couple of days and see where they would go. There was no rush, so I took advantage of the time that was given. By the end of the weekend it was clear that everything I was feeling should be followed.

Today, I made a phone call and give my answer. It was initially difficult, but the weight immediately began to lift off my shoulders. I knew this was the right decision. I’m not sure why I question my gut feelings sometimes, but I do. I’ll try to reduce that in the future.

Bottom line: follow your gut instincts. They are always in your best interest.