New Opportunities

You just never know where opportunity will come from. Many times it is from places that you would have never considered.

I got a surprise phone call a little over a week ago with an opportunity. Within in a day we quickly came to an agreement with the terms and set a date to start. It’s one of those times where everything just seemed to flow easily and come together effortlessly. I usually take that to mean it is the right direction to go. If you struggle too much with something or it seems you are working harder than you should, then typically it’s the wrong direction.

This philosophy has worked well for me for many years. To follow along from yesterday’s post, your gut feeling is critical here. I’ve found that when things are smooth and come together with very little effort your gut instinct is telling you go for it. In contrast, when roadblocks seem to spring from every step, I’ve noticed that my gut instinct is saying no.

I also cultivate a feeling of abundance in my life. I believe good things will come my way. Maybe surprisingly to some, this seems to happen to me regularly. Even situations that on the surface seem negative actually bring many positive things. Maybe it’s my optimistic outlook or just a strong belief that the world is not out to get me, but I suspect it is both.

The point I want to make is that I was not always like this. I was much more negative and played the victim when it came to abundance in my life. I learned to change that attitude and belief. It took some time, a lot of patience and a dose of perseverance, but the outcome has been excellent.

It seems that the more I practice this belief the better it becomes.

I think this is how life is supposed to be.