Winding Down

I have seven working days left until I move to my next contract job. It can be challenging sometimes when you are at the end of a chapter and about to start a new one. It’s like being in limbo, though that doesn’t exactly describe what I’m feeling.

I’m excited both for the end of the current job and the start of the next. Both feelings seem to mix around inside so maybe that’s why it feels good and strange at the same time.

I strive very hard to make sure that I don’t work any less for the current job. Most of us have the tendency to not put in a lot of effort when leaving something, but I think it’s important to end on a high note. But, that’s not easy and I’m finding it difficult at times during the day.

I’m using my age old technique of focusing on the moment at hand. One moment leads to the next and before I know it the day has ended. Like magic, I’m that much closer to my next adventure.

I’ll keep a steady pace and very soon it will be June 1 and the new contract.