New Car

Well, after more than 3 weeks waiting for the insurance settlement, I’ve finally purchased a new car; new for me, but slightly used. It has a little less than 7000 miles on it.

This was also a record for me in the amount of time it took to purchase it from a dealer. It was only about 3 1/2 hours, which beats my old record by 2 hours. I’m still not sure why it takes so long. If I think back, it just seems to blend all together. 🙂

I always believe that things work out if you keep your attitude high. I had started to get impatient for the settlement, so I had to focus on being more patient. Waiting for 3 weeks to buy another car paid off as I was able to get exactly the car I wanted, the features, the colors and the price.

So, I end the first day of June very happy; tired, but happy. This is another example for me that things really do work out.