Friends Helping Friends

Friendships are interesting in many ways. But one of the key benefits of great friendships is that you can help each other through less than happy times.

The perspective you have can sometimes be just the catalyst that is needed for the other person to leap out of a dark time. When times are tough, it may be hard to see that the way out is only a slight change in direction, but from the perspective of the person having the difficult time it may seem drastic or it may not be seen at all.

I have found that with several friends that we all seem to be going in parallel directions; i.e. having similar experiences, learning similar things and etc. The difference is typically in the situations that we are involved in. But, I find the parallels fascinating. It’s like we are all in the same classroom.

I treasure my friends and look forward to helping each other get through the stuff that life throws out us. It’s a gift that never goes away.