Newport International Film Festival 2009

Newport International Film Festival

Every year for the last 12 years, Newport, Rhode Island hosts an international film festival packed with dozens of films over an 8 day period. It includes shorts, documentaries, comedies, dramas and etc. Most of the directors and producers are up and coming. It’s great to see the fresh look of many of the films.

A few of the films make it to the big time and get nationally released. Very cool!

Erica and I watched a comedy last night at the festival called Humpday. Very funny and very different. You can go to the website and read about it.

One of my favorite things to do is to see and experience the creativity of others. It’s endlessly fascinating because you never know what someone will come up with; a new twist on an old idea or a completely new thing.

If you are ever in Newport, RI at this time of year don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.