Fall Forward

Make the most of every failure. Fall forward. – Author unknown

All the great men and woman throughout the ages have all had one thing in common. They never let failures stop them from achieving their goals.

Failures give us vast amounts of information on what needs to change to have success. But, sadly, many of us look at failures solely as the end result of bad decisions,  lack of ability or not being good enough. This attitude leaves out the key lessons that failures can give.

Failures are packed with ideas on what we can do better than before. If you stop yourself with the attitude that “I’m a failure” then you’ll never move forward. Successful people use failure as a motivation tool. They have the belief and attitude that nothing is going to stop them from reaching whatever they are reaching for.

Falling forward is about learning the lessons of why you failed. It’s about applying those lessons quickly and trying again. It’s about not believing you are a “failure.” It’s about excitement since each failure brings you closer to your goal.

But most importantly, it’s about knowing that we don’t really make mistakes. We make decisions and choices with the best we know at the time. If it ends up not being what we want, then we can change it. As long as we are moving forward, it’s okay.

Not to sound trite, but remember that failures are good. They really are!