Thunderstorms In Austin

I’m in Austin, Texas this week. While out with some co-workers last night, we were interrupted by the approach what the weatherman called a super cell. It was a massive, many miles wide, awe-inspiring thunderstorm. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a storm of this size. We left our “party” early and drove quickly south to arrive back at our hotel.

As we began to drive, the immensity of the oncoming storm was apparent. 180 degrees of the horizon and sky were covered with very dark clouds. The leading edge was very clear. It seemed to change direction towards us as we headed west and then south. The area within in the storm was a strange color of dark blue. Hard to describe but it wasn’t typical.

For over an hour, there was not one second that we didn’t see massive bolts of lightning careening wildly all around us. I love lightning storms but this was a little anxiety producing while being in an automobile. Every bolt lit up an area where the wind and clouds swirled in a seemingly determined way.

On our way south, trying to get clear of the storm, at least one tornado was spotted very close to our hotel. It felt good to arrive at a big building. It felt safer than being on the open road. Heavy rain, wind and hail quickly followed within minutes of getting inside.

I know how terrifying and potentially damaging these storms can be, but I have to say that watching nature unleashed in this way is quite exciting.

There is a certain beauty in the raw energy displayed.