Family Reunion 2009

One of the reasons I’m in Austin is to attend our annual family reunion. We typically hold this event sometime around the fourth of July. This year we had 17 of us but it can swell to over 35 if most everyone can show up.

I always enjoy coming to our family reunions as I don’t get to see many of our family during the year except for this one time. So, we typically spend a lot of time catching up on everything that has happened since we last saw each other.

But, mostly we laugh and laugh and laugh. We have many comedians in our group, so someone is always saying something funny and then the rest feeds off that. We can’t seem to help ourselves.

This year was packed full of activities: golfing, geocaching, eating, hiking, cave exploration, shopping, eating, swimming, playing guitar and more eating. Exploring the Inner Space Caverns was definitely a highlight.

I’m thankful for the family I have. There is never a moment where I feel alone. We all help each other if needed and enjoy each other’s company.

But, mostly I like the laughter. It’s a big selling point for me.

Have a great day!