Better Man

I’m going make my world a better place.
I’m going keep that smile on my face.
I’m gonna teach myself how to understand.
I’m gonna make myself a better man. – Keb’ Mo’ (from the song Better Man)

I really love this song from Keb’ Mo’. It has such a positive message that it’s hard not to feel good after listening to it.

When he says “my world”, he doesn’t mean directly “the world.” Effectively, though, by making ourselves better, we are making the world better. But, it starts with the selfish act of making our own world a better place. It’s about keeping our happiness level high with smiles and laughter. It’s about learning and understanding what makes us “tick.” From that we learn about the world’s diversity plus the different views and perspectives we all have.

When you wake up in the morning, start your day off by thinking how can I make myself better. Just pick one thing to focus on during your day. Tomorrow can be something else. Before you know it, you’ve made significant and positive changes in your life. You can now affect positive change in others around you just by the example of your life. No other work would be required.

It’s not hard to change the world if our expectation is to change ourselves first.