2 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 730th day since Erica and I met. It seems like a lot when written that way. It also seems like it hasn’t been that long and at the same time it seems like we have known each other for a very long time. Funny, isn’t it?

She is an amazing person and I’ve had a great time hanging out with her. We love to travel together and get along quite well on our many trips. Since we are both well-traveled it really helps and also adds to the enjoyment of the trip itself. We share many interests and love to explore new things, taste new foods and experience different cultures.

As in any relationship, ups and downs are experienced, but it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. People are constantly growing and changing which means relationships must adapt or adjust to those changes. There’s no right or wrong.

Bottom line, we are both having fun and I don’t see an end to that.

Erica, here’s to a great 2 years. I can’t wait to see what new things we will discover together in the future.