Happy 4th!

It has been very rainy, cloudy and cool up here in the northeast. I was beginning to call this place New Seattle. But, today, the weather shifted, the clouds dissolved and the sun came out in style.

Everyone and I mean everyone seemed to be out. I think we were all a little stir crazy up here. The beaches were packed and the roads were clogged with people going to the ocean.

The theme for me was relaxation. We typically don’t spend enough time to simply relax. It’s important for mental and emotional health. Most of the time our lives are moving at a fast pace and it never seems to end. So, taking time out for yourself to do nothing can be very therapeutic.

Relaxing for me meant hanging out with friends, eating good food, playing music, sitting on a boat in the Wickford Harbor and watching an awesome fireworks display.

I plan on doing some more relaxing tomorrow. I believe this round of therapy is working well. 🙂

Have a great day!