Work Attitude

Major Clue for employee: Poor attitude can come from places other than work. Major Clue for employer: You can’t change people’s home life, but it’s to every employers best advantage to make the atmosphere inside the workplace a fun one. – Jeffrey Gitomer

Work is a common excuse for why people have poor attitudes. First, nothing causes your attitude problem. It’s a choice. Making that choice removes your ability to control your life because you have given someone else that power.

I think if you take the attitude of making the workplace more fun, then everyone benefits. It’s important to understand how much you as an individual can have a positive effect on the people around and the workplace in general. You don’t have to be the supervisor, manager or boss.

I try really hard to have a good time at work. The first thing I did was to find something I enjoy doing. That’s a great start, but it’s not necessary. Secondly, I take the time to smile at people, have conversations in person instead of email and generally be upbeat for the majority of my time at work. Third, I constantly find the humor in every situation and many times make a joke to get people laughing. I find that the more serious others are, the more impromptu jokes come out of my mouth. When people laugh, relaxation follows almost immediately.

Help yourself and your workplace by working on your “work” attitude. The day will seem to fly if you do this.