A Little Bit of Knowledge

It’s very common to get frustrated when we don’t understand something. The hardest thing to do sometimes is to step back and reevaluate the situation. We tend to get sucked into the frustration black hole. Frustration takes the fun out of learning something new. In fact, it can completely halt the learning process.

Learning anything new is like putting together a puzzle. As you put the pieces together, the picture (i.e. knowledge) becomes clearer. Many times we get pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere. They are too early in the process and it is not clear where they fit.

You have a choice here. You can get either frustrated because you don’t know where the pieces fit or you can stop, take a step back and start in another area. Many times the path to understanding something new may only be one small bit of knowledge; one small puzzle piece. Taking that step back or walking away for a day or two can do wonders in helping you identify where you need to go next.

Bottom line: if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing because you don’t understand a piece of it, stop doing it for a little while. Re-assess your knowledge. Maybe you need to go back a couple of steps and start fresh. Asking a different question may help. Talking to a different person may give you another perspective.

But don’t stay frustrated. The puzzle will never be completed with that attitude.


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  1. a. thornton

    i’m glad i could provide a continuing source of subject matter for your blog. love, dad

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