Have You Seen Them All

When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree, you have not seen them all. – Edward O. Wilson

We tend to become immune to things we see every day or on a regular basis; a beautiful sunset, puffy clouds, a majestic tree, a flock of birds or a richly colored flower. Each one, though, is unique in the world. No sunset is ever the same nor have they ever been the same throughout the billions of years the earth has existed. I find that deeply fascinating. When I see a sunset, I know that it has never been seen before and never will again. That’s simply amazing.

For example, walking through the forest brings a host of opportunities to see the richness and diversity of our planet. Every leave is different even on the same tree. Each plant specimen in the same species is one of a kind. Each animal shows a unique set of individual behaviors within the behaviors exhibited by that group.

A lot of times we are rushing through life and don’t really notice what is going on around us. But, if we stop and observe, we can see some amazing and unique things, literally right in our backyard. I think it’s important to stop “and smell the roses”, if you get my meaning. We benefit greatly from feeling a connection with the world around us. For me, it brings a feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Try to add some time in your day to quietly observe your surroundings. Observe. Appreciate. Enjoy.