Differing Opinions

Differing views, opinions, and beliefs add texture and color to the world’s tapestry‚Ķ Controversial times, while difficult to weather, can change the world. – Michelle Sedas

I don’t think anyone would disagree that we live in controversial times; times of tremendous differences that can bring about significant change. Sometimes it can be challenging when the prevailing way of thinking is one of right and wrong. Having a strict edge between right and wrong can cloud a complex issue or hide a potential compromise that would actually benefit all.

In all controversy, including personal, keeping your mind open, being able to truly listen and staying objective can go a long way towards defusing a situation. What most people don’t think about is how controversy and widely differing views can actually be the seeds for positive world change.

It requires everyone to be unattached to their own strong opinions. It requires extending respect. It requires openness to compromise. It requires not taking things personally. It requires the appropriate use of anger; i.e. expressing strong emotion without harming others. It requires hope and faith.

If we can focus on these qualities, we can free our minds to concentrate on a solution instead of the problem. Next time you are involved in a controversy, a meeting of people with vastly differing opinions or beliefs, take a step back and think about cultivating the qualities like I mentioned previously. It just may be the one thing that initiates positive change.

Have a great day!