Know Yourself

You have to start knowing yourself so well that you begin to know other people. A piece of us is in every person we can ever meet. – Stephen King, Night Shift

Everyone we meet has characteristics of ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves, the better we will know others when we meet. Many times when we get angry at other people, it’s because we are seeing something about ourselves that we don’t like. It can be conscious or unconscious, but I find it is mostly unconscious. It’s almost like looking in a mirror and seeing things we don’t like about ourselves.

If we get angry at someone that is controlling, it typically means that we are a controlling person. If we react to someone being very picky, it usually means that we are picky ourselves. I find it a strange phenomenon, but most of the time I examine myself, I found that it to be true.

So, if we can hold back our reaction to people and look inside we might be surprised at what we find. Everyone can teach us something about ourselves. It requires non-reaction, self-reflection and openness to change.

The next time someone is bothering you or making you angry, ask yourself what can you learn from this person. What parts that you don’t enjoy about them can be found within you? You just might grow by leaps and bounds.