85 Years

Erica’s mother turned 85 today. What a fantastic milestone. A huge party was thrown in her honor. People flew in from all corners of the country. It was quite the event!

I liked the fact that people cared so much about Marge that they not only took the time to come to Newport for the weekend but some flew hundreds and thousands of miles. Wow! That says a lot about her and the friendships she has made over her lifetime.

I find inspiration from Marge in the many countries that she has traveled. I looked at the list of places she has visited over her lifetime and was astounded. In some years she visited half a dozen countries and she traveled like this regularly for most of her life. I got the travel bug late in my life, but it bit hard and I can’t seem to get enough.

The other thing that inspires me about Marge is the time and money she gives to worthwhile charities and other important organizations. She is continually working to help improve the lives of others. She doesn’t talk about it. She just does it, day in and day out.

Finally, the third thing that I enjoy about Marge is her independence. It’s one of the first things I noticed about her after our initial introduction. It’s a great lesson and inspiration for all who meet her.

So, Marge, Happy 85th Birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate your 90th with you. It will definitely take that long to work off all the food we consumed for 8 or 9 hours today.


One thought on “85 Years

  1. Marge Zap

    I just got home and got to my computer. That is a lovely message. I’m so glad to know you and see how well you get along with my daughter.

    Fondest greetings, Marge

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