Good People in the World

Yesterday I was in the Chicago Airport standing in line at one of the food court vendors in terminal C. A man and his wife were walking behind me when all of a sudden another gentleman ran up to them and said to the man, “You dropped this back there.” The gentlemen proceeded to hand the other man a $10 bill that had presumably fallen out of his pocket when he got up from eating.

The man was at first startled that someone had run up behind him. But, then he was even more startled to have another person hand him a $10 bill. The look on the man’s face was one of confusion, surprise and thankfulness. His face showed that he probably either didn’t have a belief that someone would give back “found” money like that or he didn’t believe it would happen to him.

Either way, he thanked the gentleman who found it and walked away with a look of puzzlement.

I believe that this is just one example among millions of good deeds that happen every single day. We don’t hear much about them because most of the news seems to be focused on the bad stuff going on.

This incident is not an exception. It’s the norm. We just need to open our eyes a little bit to see more of them.

Have a great day!