Every Day is Important

There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day. – Alexander Woollcott

Every day gives us the opportunity to manage our attitude, adjust our perspective and evaluate the effect of the thoughts we are thinking. These activities can dramatically change our direction and help to increase our minute by minute level of happiness.

If we look at each day as an opportunity to make small changes in our behaviors and thought patterns we can slowly but consciously re-direct our lives towards something more desirable. It’s like exercise. A little bit of exercise every day or regularly will significantly increase your overall physical health over time. Our behaviors, thoughts and beliefs are no different.

As we work to decrease our reactions to life and increase our ability to direct our lives, then we are truly on the road to a more fulfilled and happier life. The work is not monumental. It’s really only a little bit of effort every day. The big changes come from regularly and consciously working on changing old habit patterns of thought.

Remember that going from pessimism to optimism drastically increases our world of possibilities. Being pessimistic is like sticking your head in sand. You can’t see very far or very clearly while an optimistic viewpoint is like traveling in a plane high above the ground. You can see everything at once.

In summary, work a little bit each day to improve your thoughts and beliefs. Focus on the small changes and before you know it, you’ll be in a better, more desirable place.