Happy Moments

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life. – Abraham-Hicks

I think this quote will be my new philosophy of living, though I’ve been practicing this for quite some time now. I strive for the happy moment, the small things that make me smile, the quick laughs that give me a few seconds of happiness. When I add those moments up I find that my day has been mostly happy. When I add those days up, I find that my weeks and months are happy. Before you know, I’m leading a happy life.

It’s those moments that are important. If I’m feeling negative emotions, I try to quickly understand why, make a correction and move on. Why should I waste my time holding on to things that make me feel bad? I try to quickly deal with them. That’s an important distinction. I don’t repress negative feelings. I strive to understand them and then find ways to move past them. Repression of negative feelings does not lead to happy moments or a happy life. Bottled up emotions always stay with you and then come out when the pressure becomes too much.

As I find ways to enjoy the moments in my life no matter what I’m doing, I’ve discovered that it becomes easier and easier. My attitude stays in a good place. I can easily make a mundane activity something that is more fun. I’ve noticed that I don’t complain as much. I’ve noticed that I’m almost always optimistic.

Initially it takes a very active approach to manage happiness in the moments and seconds of your life, but after awhile it becomes second nature and much easier. Don’t wait on the big things to come; better relationship, better job, vacation or etc. Focus your attention on the moments and the rest of your life takes care of itself.