Fun in the Trees

Unfortunately, many people do not consider fun an important item on their daily agenda. For me, that was always a high priority in whatever I was doing. – Chuck Yeager

I’m in Austin, TX this week and decided to do something different. Erica and I went zip lining through a cypress grove in the hill country northwest of Austin today. The adventure is provided by Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. Wow! This was a lot of fun.

After getting our harnesses strapped on and our hard hats adjusted, we were off to ground school. We learned the basics of zip lining and the safety rules. After practicing about two feet off the ground, we climbed the steps to the first platform over the wheel house.

The first zip took us to a tree platform about 40 feet off the ground. We stayed at this height for the majority of the time. There were also several sky bridges that we had to cross. They were made of cable, rope and boards.

The zip line called The Screamer was the best. It was over 350 feet long and allowed some great speed before reaching the next platform. The idea for this one was to scream as long as you can. The guide was able to scream for the entire time, about 17 seconds. Impressive!

The last two zips were done in the rain due to a big thunderstorm that came through. It added another dimension to the experience, which we enjoyed.

There are other things to do here including a Canopy Challenge, bird watching, swimming, wildlife viewing, hiking and spending the night in a tree house called Loft Haven. Erica and I highly recommend this Eco Tour. Not only is there a lot of fun to be had, the staff is fantastic.