Standing by the fountain at DIA – I found myself staring at family members as they greeted each other, and my smile got bigger and bigger as I watched.

One woman was making wild arching movements with her right arm.  A huge grin on her face, she was trying to get the attention of her husband and teenage son.  The son noticed, but in typical teenage style, said nothing.  She approached her husband from behind and startled him.  He blushed,  so happy to see her.  The teenager smiled wide as he hugged his mother.

Another woman was squatted down by the escalator (just a bit unusual for an airport).  A second later I heard “Mommy, Mommy” as a small blonde girl vaulted herself into her mother’s arms, followed by her equally tiny sister and a slightly harrassed father.  Their laughter was infectious.

In the next minute Kay start motioning to me.  Left?  Right?  I point right and we gallop  to meet, not having seen each other in over a year.  I love reunions.  The aniticipation, the emotions, the joy and laughter.



1 thought on “Reunions

  1. Nat

    I love reunions, especially in airports, and especially when I can watch others in front of me engage in theirs before I have found the person waiting for me. Usually now I am traveling on business and have no one waiting for me when I return to the airport. It’s always nice to see the others who have loved ones waiting. Especially when the returnees are in the military. Joy is a great spectacle.

    Give my love to Kay.

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