Cloud9000 Vision

Are you happy enough?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we first started working together. It’s the question at the heart of Cloud9000TM, the venture we have formed to improve your life and change the world. Parents, religions, teachers, entertainers, and therapists have worked to help people be happier. In spite of all this most of us keep searching, because there’s really no such thing as too much happiness.

We have great faith in the power of the Internet to connect you with people, ideas, and activities that can make you happier. Your journey and challenges are unique to you, but others like you have found paths that would guide you. Helping you find these people is the first purpose behind Cloud9000TM. The second is encouraging you to share what you know to help others be happier.

Our mission

We are building a community devoted to sharing and publicizing the best tricks, methods, and ideas everywhere in the world to make you feel great, to be as happy, energetic, and enthusiastic as you’ve ever been.

We would like to help one billion find greater happiness, one out of every six people on earth. That would be enough to change the course of history. Of course, we won’t stop at one billion. Once we have reached one billion, we will reach out to the next billion.

So, how do we get there?

The first step is to start a conversation on the web that answers the question, “What makes you happy?” We’ve recruited a group of bloggers who will scour the news, books, classes, and the web to answer the question as many ways as they possibly can.

The second step is to involve so many readers and writers with this blog, that we build an entire community of happiness seekers. As this community grows, it will discover more and better ways to create happiness, and it will become itself an engine to direct people toward events, ideas, practices, people, items that will make those people happy. Over time, the volume of these personal discoveries will become a source of hope for others who want what we have.

These are the first two steps. We have dozens more planned, but it all starts with these two.

How can you start?

Read our blogs. Share your own ideas about happiness and how to find it. Or your grandmother’s ideas or your favorite author’s. We want to hear from you today.